In the beginning…

Welcome to my blog, Diary of an Interior Novice. Thinking back to my childhood, I can remember walking home from school while peeking into my neighbour’s living rooms and seeing their beautiful sofa’s, brightly coloured cushions and photographs of smiling faces full of memories. Of course I didn’t understand this then, but that’s probably when my interest in interiors started.

It wasn’t until many years later when it came time for me to start a family that I felt the instinct to nest and create a home that I loved. But I had no idea where to start. The abundance of advice I got was create your home with the purpose of resale. This meant creating a home according to other peoples taste rather than my own. Admittedly, I did follow this advice and it was a big mistake. Instead of having a home I loved, I ended up with a place that wasn’t very interesting and more importantly I couldn’t feel comfortable in.

So I started again. Trying to work out what it was that made a space feel warm and inviting versus sterile and cold. I started to read books, magazines, blogs, watch tv shows and attend lectures and exhibitions on Design. I loved it all so much; I started a course on Interior Design which I am still in the process of completing. I gathered a lot of information over the years and I thought that maybe I’m not the only one who was as confused as I was to begin with and decided to share my findings. This is the collation of my learning’s; bits and pieces picked up here and there as well as the fundamentals that sets the basis for a well-designed interior. I hope you enjoy.


Image Source – Pinterest


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