Making kitchens more interesting

It’s gloomy and cold outside… weather like this always makes me reach for the kettle to brew my favourite deli bought coffee. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to coffee. Has to be high quality and freshly ground. No instant coffee allowed in my house! But I digress. Let’s get back to interiors. Today, I’m talking about open shelving in the kitchen. Kitchens are usually designed with function in mind first then aesthetics trail behind. Shelving can be a wonderful way of adding personality and warmth into the scheme. If you place your plates, bowls and utensils out on display, it instantly makes the kitchen feel lived in and more interesting. Coming from a more practical standpoint, if you put the least used items on the top shelves and items you use everyday on the bottom shelf they won’t get the chance to accumulate dust. Now time for that cup of coffee….

Image Source top left – Unknown, top right –, bottom left – Apartment Therapy & bottom right – Design Sponge


5 responses to “Making kitchens more interesting

  • Lena Kammermeier

    I love it when kitchens are warm and cozy places and have a soul and not just a function. The examples you picked are beautiful!
    Found you through byw – I really like the style of your blog and the idea behind it – good luck with it!
    ps: it´s a little complicated to post a comment here…

    • Doris

      Thank you for your comment Lena. The blog is a work in progress and slowly getting there. I’m still working on the comments bit :). I hope you are enjoying the course too. Cheers Doris

  • owlshouseblog

    Ah, a fellow Aussie, hence the coffee snobbery! I’ve particularly enjoyed this post, which is personal yet professional. It’s looking good ! Jane from BYW

  • charlotte rivers

    hello, thanks for popping over to lottie loves, great to meet you in BYW blog world… am loving this post, we are about to move into a new place with a tiny galley kitchen so i’m looing out for inspiration, thanks! lottie xo

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