Fridays Top 5 – Living in Small Spaces

Hiya all! It’s Friday and it’s time to get yourself ready for the weekend! I thought it would be fun for everyone to get interactive and share their thoughts and ideas, so I’ve come up with a plan. Each Friday I’m going to provide 5 simple tips on a chosen topic. As we are always learning new things, I want to ask you all to pitch in if you have any additional idea’s or experiences you want to share (that’s related to the topic of course) please feel free to chip in. That way, we can all learn something new.

So today’s topic is how to designing for a small living space. Here goes…

  1. Create Zones in the room for different uses such as lounging, eating, cooking, reading etc by using strategically placed furniture, rugs and objects.
  2. Use reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass or gloss furniture to reflect light around the room.
  3. Think vertical. Is there any under utilized space on the ceiling or walls that could be used for storage?
  4. Make sure you edit your things carefully, in a small space clutter can easily build up. You need to ask yourself, do I need it? And if yes, where will it go?
  5. Use multi-functional furniture. For example a stool could also be used as a side table.

What are your thoughts? That’s it for today. Have a lovely weekend! xD

Image Source Ikea & Apartment Therapy


8 responses to “Fridays Top 5 – Living in Small Spaces

  • Ilze

    HI Doris – That sounds like a fun reason to check in on you every Friday !! I just did my last post on Small Space Living in Hong Kong – my reality right now. I liked that what the lady did in that home is keeping a same color that was repeated in every single room and then just adding color to those base colours – she used gray & white. I thought it worked beautifully !! (ps – I am from Auburn and Blue in BYW, but your comment system is not letting me post from there – only via wordpress which is a very old link to me !! ;-))

    • Doris

      Hi Ilze, Thank you for your comments. The home sounds lovely! I will definately check out your blog! Thanks for the feedback on the comments. This blog is a work in progress and I will try and fix it soon. Thanks Doris

  • Bonnie Rasmussen

    Just read through your blog and I like how you underline your texts with really to-the-point images. Also, as I can quite easily feel overwhelmed studying blogs about interior where several shots are shown of perfect houses or apartments, I found it refreshing to read your “bite-sized” posts that deals with a specific area or topic. Wishing you the best of luck with it going forward and I will make sure to pop in from time to time.

  • littlebigbell

    Great advice Doris , love the first image 🙂 x

  • owlshouseblog

    Lovely idea and great images! Jane

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