The wrong sofa

The weekend went way too quickly! Cold days make me want to stay indoors and cook up something warm and tender, so that’s what I did. It was a sumptuous duck that stewed for an hour in it’s own fat and juices in the oven while I sat on the sofa and watched Nigel Slater (cooking genius) on tv cooking up a storm. It’s weather like this that makes the sofa so so important don’t you think? The very first sofa we purchased was an L-shaped soft and squishy number in a dark brown leather. Although it didn’t look too pleasing; when you sat on it, it was like being wrapped in a cloud of softness and you would inevitably fall into a deep slumber within minutes of sitting on it. When we moved a couple of years ago, the purchase criteria was entirely different. We went for an ultra modern modular number – low, sleek and minimal. We were dazzled by the look (it played the part in a modern house), had whizz bang features like a reclining headrests and came with a choice of a zillion colours and fabrics (and had the price tag to go with it). When it arrived home, it was shiny and new and we were happy. But the more I sat on it, the more I missed my old sofa. Instead of the simple cushy number that felt like clouds,this felt foreign, had little back support and you couldn’t even lie down on it! But after forking out the money for it, it stays (we simply couldn’t afford another one) and to this day, I still have regrets. So the moral of the story is? ALWAYS TEST OUT THE SOFA BEFORE YOU BUY IT. Although we did sit on it in the showroom, we were far too polite about it. We were struck by the shiny newness and the sparkling features, rather than focusing on what was the most important feature for us – the squish factor. So if you are looking for a sofa, of course you do need to be practical like making sure it’s big or small enough to fit the size of the room and making sure it will fit through your front door. But I would highly recommend that you take your shoes off and sit on it for a good while, lounge around and have a chat. Use it like you would at home. Seriously, it’s a major purchase. You don’t want to have any regrets. The image below is from West Elm and just oozes the squish factor I’m talking about. The name says it all – BLISS…


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