Pools of light with lamps

I recently attended a local society meeting. Being part of the local community (aside from being informative) also gives me the opportunity to have a sneak peek at peoples homes. Have you ever walked down your street and wondered what the house looks like inside? I do this constantly, and am a little embarrassed to admit that I do take a nosey into peoples bay windows to see what decor changes they have made of late. Anyway, the meeting was at the home of one of the members. It was a cute little cottage, dressed in a classic style with furniture and accessories that represented their love of travel. Think mahogany trunks, intricately carved Indonesian tables and formally displayed African art.

As 20 people crammed into the tiny reception, I noticed how softly lit the room was. Like being in a sophisticated 1920s gentleman’s club, the inviting atmosphere was created by multiple pools of soft light illuminated from 6 lamps (yes I counted them) dotted around the room. Instead of having 1 light hanging from the ceiling, you can create more mood and atmosphere by creating multiple pools of soft light. In order to create this some ideas are below:

  • Use lots of low wattage lights dotted around the room
  • Avoid fluorescence at all costs (you want a soft glow)
  • Use a variety of lights that are different sizes and heights
  • Put dimmers on all your switches so that you can control how much light you need

The images below were taken from Elle Decor Magazine (October 2011). Not only is the Manhattan apartment of Accessories Designer William Frawley wonderfully eclectic, you can imagine lounging on the sofa with a glass of scotch while listening to Jazz in the evenings after a night out on the town.


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