Taking advantage of your room direction

I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen with Little J for our daily morning ritual of breakfast consisting of porridge, milk for Little J and of course that all important mug of milk for mum – a strong cup of coffee. We do this every day and while we go about having our breakfast, the sun rises into our kitchen through the east facing window. The room slowly floods with light as we progress through the morning (we get up pretty early 6 am) and then as the sun moves towards the west hour after hour, the light slowly fades away and brightens the other side of the house which has our living room. I have grown to love this ritual and I truly believe it’s because the colour scheme I have chosen for the kitchen area (black, white, blue grey and green) takes advantage of the light that floods into the room first thing in the morning.

So the question today is; should the direction of our rooms really affect the colour schemes we choose? Absolutely! Using the right tonal colour based on the direction and the amount of light coming in can make the mood of the room change dramatically. Go for the wrong combination and instantly you’ll find that the room feels off, either too cold or too warm. So to help with getting it right, here are some tips:

  • North facing rooms get steady light throughout the day however it’s usually not much and can be quite dark.You can either work with the darkness of the room by creating drama and using strong dark colours or if you would prefer to go lighter, go for warm colours or any colour with a yellow base. Try to avoid green or grey.
  •  South facing rooms tend to get a lot of warm  light all day. If the room is too bright, you can tone it down with cooler colours such as blues, greens or violets. However, a South facing room can be versatile and you can also use warm colours of red, orange and/or yellow to enhance the warm mood of the room.
  • East facing rooms are flooded with light in the morning but tend to then cool later in the day as the sun moves away from the room. The light also tends to have a blue tone to it. Given this, it’s best to work with the blue and go for blue or green colours.
  • West facing rooms will get sunlight in the afternoons, you can maximise the light by using light colours like cream or grey and you can go for either a warm or cool tone. White works really well in west facing rooms as it reflects light and if the room is used in the evenings, you could even go for pinks and reds to bring warmth to it.

The images below are of rooms that use natural sunlight to create different moods.

Image Source on the left – unknown (please let me know if you know where it’s from), top right – fffound.com and bottom left – pinterest.com


4 responses to “Taking advantage of your room direction

  • secretgardenhome

    Hello hello,

    I’m currently struggling with the North facing reception room. I was even considering a warm version of grey, but I don’t think it’s going to work. Have you got any recommendations? I’m thinking maybe a warm beige mixed with some sort of yellow?


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