Friday 5’s – Very very cheap ways to add new life to your home

Being a student of Interiors, I am constantly lusting after things that I that see in images like that fantastic table that seats 10 people (and won’t fit in our house) or uber extortionately priced chandelier I can’t afford. Times are tough and you can’t have it all, so during these times when I feel it’s time for a change to the house but can’t afford to do so, there are things that I do to help bring new life into the house on the cheap. And by cheap I mean very very little or no money. So here they are:

  1. Clean your house – the place just smells of the clean scent of newness when you do and there is nothing more satisfying then coming back home and having it clean!
  2. Open the windows. During the colder months, your place can get a little stifling with the heating constantly on, so when it’s not pouring with rain outside, open a window or 2 and let in some fresh air. You will notice the difference after an hour, I promise
  3. Clear out the clutter – I have found over the years that every time we have a clear out, the house just feels like a new place. Over time, it’s so easy to accumulate those things that aren’t used anymore ie appliances or dvd’s that you haven’t watched in years or magazines that are just sitting in a pile gathering dust. Just get rid of them. Give them away or recycle them, they are just taking up space.
  4. Move your furniture around. This is a fun one especially for Big J! Sometimes you just need to change it up. Will the dining table look better on the other side of the room? Will the console look better in the bedroom? even something as simple as moving one picture from one room to another can change the dynamic of your home.
  5. Finally, go out and get yourself some foliage. In my opinion, nothing, and I mean nothing brings a house more to life than having nature in your home. It can be a simple bunch of flowers, pots of herbs, pot plants and even a big bowl of fruit in the kitchen will bring some life and colour into your home.

So there you go, some things that I do to add new life to my home without spending money (or much of it). How about you? What do you do? I’d love to know. Happy Friday! Have a lovely weekend. xD

Image Source Wit & Delight


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