Interiors and Children

Sunshine on Saturday, then rain rain rain on Sunday. It was a weekend of contrasts. I was at a party on Saturday afternoon and the conversation turned towards having a nice interior and children. It seems that the two don’t mix. The argument was that there was no point in having a nice interior with young children because they would inevitably “destroy” the place and you were better off having the place as you like it when they were older (old enough to understand the words “don’t touch”). I was honestly quite shocked at this point of view. Ok, I get that you probably don’t want to have your best china within reach of their little hands, but wouldn’t you want your place to feel like a real home regardless of your children s age? The worse thing I can imagine is coming home to a place that you don’t love let alone spending time in it. When your children are young, that’s when you spend the most time at home, so wouldn’t it make sense to invest the time and money into your home at this stage? I’ve never been more homely since the birth of little J and I couldn’t imagine being in a home that I wasn’t comfortable in during those long winter days when we’re stuck at home for whatever reason, illness, being snowed in etc. In fact, being at home makes me happy because I love my home. So here are some tips to help make your home more child friendly without having to sacrifice the look and feel of your interior…

  • Go for hard floors – they are easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about spillages and accidents
  • You can still display your china, just make sure that it’s not within easy reach of little hands
  • Toys should be stored at a low level so they can be easily accessible. I use baskets on a low shelf so they can also be easily put away.
  • Use a modern emulsion for painting walls that makes it easy to wipe down, we have white walls and any marks can be wiped down with a magic block eraser or stubborn marks can be patched over with the same colour paint.
  • Create a little space that your kids can call their own. After all, it’s their home too and they should be able to play and have fun in their own home

That’s all for today. Have a nice Monday.

Image Source – Smorgasbordblog


2 responses to “Interiors and Children

  • littlebigbell

    Hi Doris, great post. I’m terrible – I have 2 living areas – 1 for the kids. Although we tend to spend most of our time with the kids in the basement extension playroom. Another thing I found useful is to have a leather sofa instead of fabric one when they were little – that way, it still looks stylish but stains can easily be wiped. See you tomorrow x

    • interiornovice

      Thanks Geraldine! Yes I totally agree a leather sofa is very useful when you have kids. Mine has spilt all sorts of sticky juices on it and it just wipes off! Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. xD

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