Friday 5’s – How to create a successful open plan space

Good Morning and welcome once again to Friday 5’s. The idea behind these posts is to encourage everyone to chip in and help provide idea’s on the topic of the day. I will list my favourite 5 and then encourage you to comment any idea’s you might have on the subject. Being a novice, I’m always happy to learn something new! So today, we are talking about open plan spaces. To me, it seems that everyone either seems to want one or has one in their home so I thought I’d place some thoughts on how to create a successful space. So here goes…

  1. Have a good think about what you are going to use the space for. Will it be a kitchen/diner? or do you want a reading nook, playroom?
  2. Think about area’s that people will congregate and furnish accordingly. This will help you to identify the zones within your open plan space
  3. Don’t be afraid to place furniture away from the wall or in front of windows to create interest in the scheme
  4. Create harmony by having the same colour walls and/or floors
  5. Link rooms by accessorising through colour and/or texture eg. You can have similar coloured rugs dotted throughout the space but the zone can be differentiated by a change in texture or pattern.

Do you have any tips that you have found useful in an open plan space? I’d love to hear about it! Have a lovely weekend and chat on Monday.

Image Source – top Ikeafamily, bottom left Chicago Home Magazine,  bottom right Apartment Therapy


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