Rugs as Wall Art

A few years ago, Big J and I spent a lovely Easter weekend in Marrakesh. It’s a wonderfully exotic city and the souks or markets are full of vibrant colour and the intense smell of spices. We fell in love with a beautiful traditional Berber rug which we lugged home with us on the flight and it sat happily on the floor of our bedroom for several years. When we moved house, the style of our home was entirely different and I’ve been moving it around from room to room in an effort to try to find the right place for it. Nothing worked. Then one day the epiphany happened. Why not put it on the wall? The idea didn’t go down well initially with Big J, but after some convincing, we went ahead and tried it this weekend. So, with a couple of screws we put the rug above our bed and it hangs as part art and part headboard. I have to admit that it just changed the feel of the bedroom which was feeling a bit stark and even Big J admitted that it looks really cool. So I had to ask myself why?

The reason is because texture will always make a home feel warmer. A wall hanging rug will create a focal point through pattern, texture and colour. It helps to make a space more cosy and on a more practical note, can help with insulation and noise. We are very happy with this trial and our bedroom now feels more complete. Perhaps it’s something you can try at home? That’s all for today enjoy your Monday!

Image Source – Covent Garden, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy and Desire to Inspire


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