Book Review: Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker

“Your home should be an authentic expression of who you are, who you hope to become and it should honour your roots because they have made you exactly who you are today…” Holly Becker from the popular blog Decor8 chimed. After reading this in the introduction of her 2nd book titled Decorate Workshop, I was hooked. As I slowly turned the pages full of beautiful images, I couldn’t help but read every single word. It’s not just an 8 step process that takes you through the decorating process, it’s a journey that encourages you to discover who you are and what your style is. Rather than dictate strict design rules like other interior books, Holly encourages the reader to first look within themselves for inspiration and style, interpret their needs and then teaches how to translate these needs into an interior that represents them. The steps are easy to follow, full of practical idea’s and pages are left with lines for the reader to write notes as they go through the steps. The book is written in a way that makes the reader feel like a friend is giving them helpful advise and I must admit was difficult to put down. I would highly recommend this book to any novice that is looking for a practical design book to help them through the interior design process for their home. That’s all for today, Happy Monday!



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