Budgeting for your dream Interior

Today I have my head full of numbers. Admin and book keeping is something that I absolutely hate, but alas it’s a part of life and can’t be avoided. As I was busily inputting numbers into a spreadsheet and paying off bills, I started to think about how reliant we are on money to get the interior we really want. I’ve heard people say that you don’t need to spend that much to have a nice interior. You can do it all yourself, be creative and pick up bargains at the flea market. Yes, this is true, you can save money through these methods but the reality is they cost something else. TIME. If you have plenty of time to do these things, then great! You are very lucky. I would love to spend my weekends driving to a remote location in the middle of the country to attend a local flea market to grab that bargain, or spend days on end re-upholstering the dining chairs. But let’s be realistic here, I’m busy. I have a life, a child, a husband, a family and friends that I want to spend time with. So what am I to do?

Well, I’ve worked out that the best thing for me  is to budget, save and plan for the updates to the interiors in my home. Here are some things that I do when planning to spend money on my interiors:

  1. Make a plan – I do this on a yearly basis. Think about how much money  you can reasonably save and put towards your home for the next year. Be Realistic.
  2. Choose the room/s you want to update based on your budget for the year. What do you want to change? How much will it cost? Write it down in a diary so that you don’t lose focus.
  3. Save save save. I don’t spend any money until I have at least 80% of what I need to make the changes. As they say, cash is king and you can get better bargains with it.
  4. Start looking at the things you want to buy or update to enhance your interior. Did you find something you liked? Ok, then try and wait to see if it goes on sale. Most major retailers have regular sale times, they are usually just after Christmas and mid way through the year. A good way to know when the sales are on is to subscribe to the company newsletters.
  5. And finally … make sure you stick to your budget. If there is something that you can’t afford but really love, then delay it till you have the money.

Hang in there. Interiors take time to finish. Some might say an Interior is never complete. But if you stick with it, your home will grow with you over time and truely become a representative of you and your family. After all, isn’t that what we all aspire to in a home? I hope you have a lovely Tuesday. There will be no post tomorrow (study day and plenty to catchup on). I’m not sure where the image below came from but it is all over the internet. If you know where it’s from, then let me know and I will update the source. Thanks D




2 responses to “Budgeting for your dream Interior

  • tina

    Hi Doris, thank you so much for your lovely comments.
    I’m glad you enjoy my blog and always happy to inspire people to find new places.

    I believe you’re new to our Facebook group and new to blogging.

    Very sensible and practical advise here and very realistic!!!
    Hope to meet you soon.

    BTW, you didn’t choose any tea in my giveaway but should you be one of the winners I will let you choose the tea you want to be sent. It can be sent worldwide. Tina:)

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