How NOT to paint a room

Being parents with a toddler, it’s difficult to actually do any large diy projects. Living in London, we use every room in the house and there is no space for us to leave anything potentially dangerous like paint, chemicals or tools  for an extended period of time. This means that we need to rely on contractors to do the work for us. They come in, charge a ton a money, do the work and take their tools with them.

So when we decided to repaint our bedrooms upstairs that’s what we did. The rooms were overtaken with very unsuitable wall paper; think blousy flowers and neon pink shoes. Not our style. Anyway, we thought we’d try and save money and asked the painter to strip the wall paper and only repaint the walls. We chose a suitably neutral and child friendly colour – Dulux Jasmine White and then asked him to proceed. All was well, until the paint went up on the walls! Yikes! The colour of the walls suddenly stood out glaringly at me, fresh and lovely while the ceiling, skirting and window frames suddenly looked dated and had been painted with a pink hue. They were not friends. In the end, we had to repaint everything costing us double the amount of the original quote. So the moral of the story is, when you repaint a room, do the whole thing! Trust me, it will save you so much time and money in the end. I just hope someone can learn something from my rookie mistake. How about you? Any interior mistakes you’d like to share?

The images below are from Design Sponge except the unfinshed rooms actually look good unlike my rooms. Till tomorrow…


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