Making an impact with mirrors above the mantle

I have a major pet peeve. I absolutely can’t stand it when people put a single mirror above a mantelpiece that’s way too small. I swear, everytime I see this I flinch internally, and my head screams NOOOO! So now that I’ve said this, I have to sincerely apologise for offending anyone as I’m sure there are many!  Maybe I’m just being prejudiced against small mirrors, but I don’t get the point. If you are going to put a mirror above a mantle, then I can only think of three reasons why, 1 – you want to reflect maximum light into the room, 2 you want to make the room look bigger or 3 you want to use it as a feature to decorate the blank wall. If you want to go for a mirror you should either go big, like oversized or lots of small mirrors to create a collage like the images below. I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this as I’m really scratching my head here. Am I being totally irrational, or do you agree? Have a lovely Tuesday.

Image Source – 1 Apartment Therapy, 2 and 3



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