Friday 5’s – Getting into the Christmas spirit with Green Interiors

Good Morning, it was an absolutely beautiful day yesterday. The sky was blue, the air was fresh and all the trees in the park were baring their branches at me. As I walked past our local plant nursery, I noticed a wall covered with Christmas tree’s. The dense green foliage took me by surprise. I was suddenly so taken aback by the lushness of the colour that I’ve not been able to think of anything else since. Now, I see green everywhere, everything catches my eye from the sprawling green lawns in the park to the green trench coat jacket I saw on a woman in the street. I’m obsessed! Does this ever happen to you?

So to try to get it out of my system and in the spirit of Christmas, today’s Friday 5’s is dedicated to ways of using green in your interiors:

  1. Paint your front door green – a bright or lime green can give you that sunny welcome as you enter your home
  2. Create a feature wall –  Green can evoke a feeling of comfort, relaxation and calm. However if you dare, you can go for a bold bright colour like in the image below and create maximum impact in a room scheme
  3. Green floors – to be honest I never actually thought green floors would be a look I’d go for, until I found the example below. If you use it with light coloured walls and the right accessories, it can look fabulous
  4. Accent – If you want to add green in a more subtle way, you can accent the colour with your furniture and accessories.
  5. Plants – they bring life into the home. You just can’t go wrong with having something living in your house. If you have a black thumb, then go for succulents or even cut flowers. Something with foliage will always enliven your interiors.

That’s all for today, have a lovely weekend. Next week I have a special treat. I’ll be starting a new column so come back soon. x Doris

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