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Decorate with Love

Hello dear readers. I sincerely apologise for not blogging for a while. The intention was to reduce my posts over the Christmas period, not stop all together! Alas, life got in the way. But I am back today for my final post until the New Year.

The other day I was talking to a friend who has just moved home. She was in a bit of a dilemma.  In her previous home she had put up in the dining room a wallpaper pattern that she absolutely loved! She said that every time she went into the room and saw it, it made her smile. Then when she moved, her first instinct was to again find a place to put the same wallpaper but she hesitated, unsure of whether she should. Her problem was that she felt she couldn’t copy herself and should decorate differently in her new home.

I think a lot of people go through this. The process of moving house is a big change and the process of moving can be a cleansing experience. The mantra “out with the old and in with the new” comes to mind. My view is this; if you absolutely LOVE that wallpaper or paint colour or anything for that matter, it should have a place in your life and indeed your home.  I truely believe in the mantra “Decorate with Love”. It will always make your place where ever you live, feel like your home.


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That’s it for 2012 for me! I will be back on Monday 7th January with some new idea’s and inspiration to kickstart 2013. I just wanted to thank everyone for dropping by to read my little blog. I’ve had so much fun writing it and have made what I’m sure will be some life long friends. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts too. I look forward to seeing you pop in next year. Till then, have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year.

With Love, Doris (Interior Novice)


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Interior Styles: Industrial

It’s Monday and this weeks Interior Style is Industrial. Being from Melbourne, Australia I remember walking through the back streets of industrial suburbs like the Docklands to get to the cool clubs as a teenager. Artists and creative individuals would take up residence in the surrounding warehouses and convert them into trendy homes. I would walk past these homes in awe of the large spaces, metal staircases and concrete floors. This is when I fell in love with this style.

Since then, I’ve always wanted to live in a converted warehouse. I just love the tension that the industrial style creates between the old and the new. The reason I love this style so much is that it highlights the beauty in something that could be seen as ugly, old or needing replacement. Objects such as rusty pipes, exposed ageing brick walls and worn concrete floors are cherished and displayed rather than discarded.


  • This style likes large cavernous spaces with high ceilings and open plan with very few walls
  • Surfaces are left unfinished, rough and exposed and used as a display feature such as an exposed brick wall or worn concrete floors
  • Rusted metal in the form of windows, furniture or doors are prominent
  • The colour palette is mostly grey and black. Neutral colours are used to soften against the cold colours
  • Wood and texture is used to bring warmth to the space through large rugs, furnishing with soft materials or leather and throws
  • Furniture is usually vintage


I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I am a big fan of this style. However, the reality is that you can’t go halfway with an interior like this. The beauty is in the decay and age of the surroundings. In my opinion, you either go all the way with this style or not at all.

That’s it for today. As we run up to Christmas I’ll be posting less frequently over the next few weeks. I’ll be popping in every now and again to say hi and to provide some inspiration but will resume my normal frequency in the New Year hopefully refreshed and invigorated. I hope you have enjoyed reading my new blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing to it. With Thanks, Doris

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Friday 5’s – Ways to add Christmas into your interior

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you started your pressie shopping yet? Today, I thought it would be fun to put together some simple idea’s of how to bring Christmas into your interiors. It doesn’t have to cost the earth and a small simple display can bring a little fun and of course the Christmas spirit into your home. Have a lovely weekend.

Image Source – Keepingthechristmasspiritalive, Thehappyhome, Lifeofstyle


To Kitchen Island or Not?

We got to see Little J in his first ever Christmas play yesterday. Watching him sing and dance with so much joy and determination almost brought a tear to my eye. What was so much more wonderful was the audience that was packed full of mums, dads, grand parents, sisters and brothers watching with delight as they saw their little ones. It was at this moment, that I realised that the home really is the heart of the family. I envisioned that after the performance that each and everyone of them would go back to their homes and settle down into their kitchens for a delicious home cooked lunch. Probably not the reality I know, but that’s what I was imagining.

More and more of us are converting our kitchens to become the hub of the home and as part of that, incorporating a kitchen island. The kitchen island rather than just serving as a useful storage device, has become the centre of all the going’s on in the house. You can socialise while you cook, you can keep an eye on the kids and you can even use it to dine on. In fact, the dining room is now almost redundant.

However, I’m not entirely convinced that this is necessarily a good thing. We live in a busy world and it appears that more and more families don’t eat their meals together anymore, opting to have a quick meal on the kitchen island and then going about their business. Is this a good thing?  Or would it be a better design decision to opt for a communal table in the kitchen rather than a kitchen island? So today, I leave you with these 2 images and ask which one would you go for and why?

Image Source – Pinterest Universal Shades


Creating interest in the Bathroom

Good Morning All, I hope you are having a good one. Today in London, the sky is blue and the sun is out. Not too much to whinge about for a Winters day.

A couple of weeks ago I went to visit the flat of Big J’s sister who had recently moved in with her partner. It was another old Victorian house (there are a lot in London) but had been converted into 2 flats. One upstairs and one below. This flat was on the ground floor. The flat was packed with original features; lovely decorative cornicing and rickety victorian wood floors painted in a deep grey – just lovely. Then I went into the Bathroom. There in front of me lay the most beautiful black and white check tiles I had ever seen. I really wanted to take the bathroom home just so that I could have those tiles. But it got me thinking, what is it that makes a bathroom go from ordinary to extraordinary?

So off to Pinterest I went. I typed in ‘bathroom’ under search… and you know what? I found less than 10 interesting bathroom images (in my opinion of course), out of hundreds and hundreds, I only found 10! I was shocked, and after some thought, I think I found the reason. The bathroom is used for practical purposes, we don’t spend a lot of time in them and they need to be functional. When you think about a standard bathroom, all of the objects have a job to do, a shower to clean ourselves, sink to brush our teeth and toilet to do, you know what…

So I’ve put together some idea’s of how you can make your bathroom more interesting.

That’s all from me today. No post tomorrow, it’s Little J’s Christmas Play and we’ll be hunting for a Christmas tree after. We’ll talk more interiors on Thursday. x Doris

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Interior Styles: Minimalist

Over the weekend I attended a birthday party at the home of a friend who I had never visited before. It was a Victorian 2 storey terrace with a large bay window in the front reception and then open plan format into the kitchen. The interior was contemporary with dark wood floors and all white walls with neutral tone furniture. Minimalist. As I was roaming around the house, the question came into my head; what are the key elements of a minimalist interior and what would be the pro’s and cons of living in this type of home? Then it clicked! This would be the idea for my new weekly column. So every Monday, I’m going to review a different type of Interior Style, provide the key elements and then offer some pro’s and cons via the reality check. It’ll be fun learning about all the different types of styles out there don’t you think?

So this week, we are aptly going to talk about Minimalist Interiors. A lot of interiors in this style tend to be in white, and the reason for this is because white is considered the colour of purity and calms the senses. The philosophy behind minimalism is “Less is More” and the interiors represented in this style tend to take this approach to the extreme.


  • A muted or neutral colour palette (predominately white) for all elements of the interior
  • The inclusion of large windows to bring the outside in and window treatments are often subtle and blend into the background leaving the view to be the star of the show
  • Clean simple lines dominate this interior, creating an uncluttered and calm atmosphere.
  • Furniture is high quality, but simple and unfussy. Natural materials are usually used like wood, leather and linen.
  • Almost no accessories are displayed however each one that is, is carefully considered.
  • Large amounts of storage that blend into the interior are key to making this interior practical in the modern world
  • And finally uninterrupted views within a space so that the focus is on a display item or on a particular piece of furniture


The clean lines and white palette does calm the senses. It’s a busy busy world out there and we find our schedules getting busier than ever. So to be able to come back to a home that doesn’t over heighten the senses would be calming and relaxing. To be honest, I’m not sure about how the practicalities of family life would hold up in a purely minimalist home. The reality is that we need stuff (especially if we have children) to live our lives. However, I would imagine that living in this kind of interior would also encourage you to live with less rather than more which in my opinion would be a good thing for us all to follow. What do you think? Could you live in a minimalist interior? Do you already live in one? Would you or do you love it or hate it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Interior Style. I’ll be back next week with another style. Till tomorrow. xD

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