Interior Styles: Minimalist

Over the weekend I attended a birthday party at the home of a friend who I had never visited before. It was a Victorian 2 storey terrace with a large bay window in the front reception and then open plan format into the kitchen. The interior was contemporary with dark wood floors and all white walls with neutral tone furniture. Minimalist. As I was roaming around the house, the question came into my head; what are the key elements of a minimalist interior and what would be the pro’s and cons of living in this type of home? Then it clicked! This would be the idea for my new weekly column. So every Monday, I’m going to review a different type of Interior Style, provide the key elements and then offer some pro’s and cons via the reality check. It’ll be fun learning about all the different types of styles out there don’t you think?

So this week, we are aptly going to talk about Minimalist Interiors. A lot of interiors in this style tend to be in white, and the reason for this is because white is considered the colour of purity and calms the senses. The philosophy behind minimalism is “Less is More” and the interiors represented in this style tend to take this approach to the extreme.


  • A muted or neutral colour palette (predominately white) for all elements of the interior
  • The inclusion of large windows to bring the outside in and window treatments are often subtle and blend into the background leaving the view to be the star of the show
  • Clean simple lines dominate this interior, creating an uncluttered and calm atmosphere.
  • Furniture is high quality, but simple and unfussy. Natural materials are usually used like wood, leather and linen.
  • Almost no accessories are displayed however each one that is, is carefully considered.
  • Large amounts of storage that blend into the interior are key to making this interior practical in the modern world
  • And finally uninterrupted views within a space so that the focus is on a display item or on a particular piece of furniture


The clean lines and white palette does calm the senses. It’s a busy busy world out there and we find our schedules getting busier than ever. So to be able to come back to a home that doesn’t over heighten the senses would be calming and relaxing. To be honest, I’m not sure about how the practicalities of family life would hold up in a purely minimalist home. The reality is that we need stuff (especially if we have children) to live our lives. However, I would imagine that living in this kind of interior would also encourage you to live with less rather than more which in my opinion would be a good thing for us all to follow. What do you think? Could you live in a minimalist interior? Do you already live in one? Would you or do you love it or hate it? I’d love to know your thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Interior Style. I’ll be back next week with another style. Till tomorrow. xD

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4 responses to “Interior Styles: Minimalist

  • secretgardenhome

    Hi Doris! Great idea for the column! I do love minimalistic style (I might add the picture of the kitchen to my Pinterest). But you are right, it might be impractical, esp. when one has got kids I think it is much easier to make a new property minimalistic. Would you agree?


    • interiornovice

      Hi Mon, How was your weekend? Absolutely agree that it is easier to incorporate the storage into a new property. But I’m sure in the right old property, it could also look just as beautiful. xD

  • Lauren

    Love this idea for a weekly column! So many variations of styles, you will not run out of material! You did a fantastic job educating us on minimalism, can’t wait to see what else is in store!

    • interiornovice

      Thanks so much for the supportive feedback. I hope to learn from the column too. It will be interesting to try and imagine living in each of the styles to understand what would be realistic. x Doris

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