To Kitchen Island or Not?

We got to see Little J in his first ever Christmas play yesterday. Watching him sing and dance with so much joy and determination almost brought a tear to my eye. What was so much more wonderful was the audience that was packed full of mums, dads, grand parents, sisters and brothers watching with delight as they saw their little ones. It was at this moment, that I realised that the home really is the heart of the family. I envisioned that after the performance that each and everyone of them would go back to their homes and settle down into their kitchens for a delicious home cooked lunch. Probably not the reality I know, but that’s what I was imagining.

More and more of us are converting our kitchens to become the hub of the home and as part of that, incorporating a kitchen island. The kitchen island rather than just serving as a useful storage device, has become the centre of all the going’s on in the house. You can socialise while you cook, you can keep an eye on the kids and you can even use it to dine on. In fact, the dining room is now almost redundant.

However, I’m not entirely convinced that this is necessarily a good thing. We live in a busy world and it appears that more and more families don’t eat their meals together anymore, opting to have a quick meal on the kitchen island and then going about their business. Is this a good thing?  Or would it be a better design decision to opt for a communal table in the kitchen rather than a kitchen island? So today, I leave you with these 2 images and ask which one would you go for and why?

Image Source – Pinterest Universal Shades



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