Interior Styles: Industrial

It’s Monday and this weeks Interior Style is Industrial. Being from Melbourne, Australia I remember walking through the back streets of industrial suburbs like the Docklands to get to the cool clubs as a teenager. Artists and creative individuals would take up residence in the surrounding warehouses and convert them into trendy homes. I would walk past these homes in awe of the large spaces, metal staircases and concrete floors. This is when I fell in love with this style.

Since then, I’ve always wanted to live in a converted warehouse. I just love the tension that the industrial style creates between the old and the new. The reason I love this style so much is that it highlights the beauty in something that could be seen as ugly, old or needing replacement. Objects such as rusty pipes, exposed ageing brick walls and worn concrete floors are cherished and displayed rather than discarded.


  • This style likes large cavernous spaces with high ceilings and open plan with very few walls
  • Surfaces are left unfinished, rough and exposed and used as a display feature such as an exposed brick wall or worn concrete floors
  • Rusted metal in the form of windows, furniture or doors are prominent
  • The colour palette is mostly grey and black. Neutral colours are used to soften against the cold colours
  • Wood and texture is used to bring warmth to the space through large rugs, furnishing with soft materials or leather and throws
  • Furniture is usually vintage


I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that I am a big fan of this style. However, the reality is that you can’t go halfway with an interior like this. The beauty is in the decay and age of the surroundings. In my opinion, you either go all the way with this style or not at all.

That’s it for today. As we run up to Christmas I’ll be posting less frequently over the next few weeks. I’ll be popping in every now and again to say hi and to provide some inspiration but will resume my normal frequency in the New Year hopefully refreshed and invigorated. I hope you have enjoyed reading my new blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing to it. With Thanks, Doris

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11 responses to “Interior Styles: Industrial

  • secretgardenhome

    How funny Doris! I wrote about East London Design Show and picked few designers who specialise in Industrial style. Check them out. I love Offkut and Nick Fraser.

    How is your Christmas shopping going? I think I’m done now.

    Have a good week.


  • owlshouseblog

    I’m with you on the industrial aesthetic! I’m also from Melbourne, so I totally identify with your inspiration and motivation 🙂 Jane

    • interiornovice

      Ahh always glad to meet another expat living in London, and from Melbourne too! Yes, those old warehouses around Docklands and the Port Melbourne area were amazing spaces. Though I hear the area has been redeveloped and the going price for an abode is extortionate these days! Shame.

  • littlebigbell

    Love industrial chic, although I don’t think it would look quite right in a Victorian London home . Maybe someday a loft conversion in new York……. Dreaming on. Doris, looking forward to spending some time with you in Stockholm x

  • tina

    Doris, well done on your new blog. Keep it up and for a bit of advise: consisitency is key!

    LOVE industrial style. i’ve always dreamt of it in Lndon but have yet to find the right space. I wanted to invest in the late 80’s before it all became trendy but couldn’t raise any finance then!

    I agree with you. Either do it properly or don’t do it at all.
    Have a wonderful Xmas. x

    • interiornovice

      Thank You Tina, Consistency is great advice! I should make it a new year resolution for 2013. If you ever find the right space in London, I’d be so jealous! For now, I’ll just keep thinking about those warehouses in Melbourne :-).

      Have a lovely Christmas Tina. xD

  • Lena @ minamoka

    I love the industrial style and I always hunt for pieces on ebay, fleamarkets or my parents’ attics. And it’s funny, from our perspective it is a very cool style now. But when I lived in a small town in the Balkans many locals thought we were crazy when they saw our furniture – to them it looked like some junk we had found on the street…

    • interiornovice

      Ha Ha Lena, you obviously knew better than those locals in Balkan. I would have loved to see some of the pieces of furniture you found. I think with Industrial design you have to see the beauty in it, otherwise it would just look like junk. Thanks for stopping by. xD

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