2013 A New Year


Good Morning, another year ends, another year begins and we are all another year older and hopefully wiser than the last.

I started 2012 like a lost lamb. Searching for something that I knew was missing in my life. Then one day I was reading a blog called Decor8 about an on-line e-course called Blogging Your Way. I’d never thought of blogging before (I was just an avid reader and fan), but I was like a person fumbling around in the dark, looking for the light switch. As with life, it never occured to me that the course would be the catalyst for so much change.  I finally found the light switch, never realising that when I turned the light on, instead of being in what I thought was my small familiar room on my own, that it was instead a large beautiful crowded hall full of supportive like minded people.

So, it is through this blog that I start 2013 not lost and alone like last year, but with a renewed sense of optimism. Like the image above, sitting on the bench and seeing the freshness and potential of a new year ahead. How about you?

Happy New Year. With Love, Doris

Source Image – FioreMag


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