Interior Styles: Rustic


Good Morning and welcome to 2013. I hope you are all well and had plenty of joy, laughter and fun over the festive season and if you didn’t, well there is always the anticipation of something good happening in the new year. As it’s Monday, we will be talking about an interior style which will be Rustic.

I have many fond memories of growing up with my Dad. In particular, there were certain shows on tv that we would look forward to watching together every week. One of them was a show called MacGuyver. It was an american action-adventure television series about a a secret agent played by Richard Dean-Anderson. His character known as MacGuyver,  had a nack for getting out of dangerous situations by using whatever materials he had on hand which were most commonly duct tape and a swiss army knife. The show regularly featured a beautiful log cabin that sat by a lake, it was MacGuyvers retreat and is what I hold as an ideal Rustic interior.


These interiors are usually inspired by nature and in particular woodland and forest. They literally bring the outdoors inside through the heavy use of wood and stone, usually in their original form. The elements of this style are organic and it is not uncommon for the taxidermy of wild animals to be a part of the scheme.


  • Wood, wood and more wood. This is typically used to build both the exterior and interior of the building. 
  • Exposed wood beams are a common feature in these interiors.
  • Stone fireplaces are a must and bring warmth to the scheme.
  • Furniture is usually of a classic style. Think  large, comfortable sofa’s in a dark leather, topped with cushions and throws.
  • The use of old recycled materials is a must to get the weathered look – you want things to look like they’ve been there for generations
  • Colours are not bright, but warm and earthy






The reality is that we don’t all live next to such beautiful inspiring scenery so we work with what we have. I think that you can incorporate elements of a rustic style into a modern urban home and I believe that the Scandinavians do this better than anyone. They do this by using a modern palette usually white and then highlighting the texture and beauty of natural materials such as stone or wood into a scheme. For example a feature wall made of wooden boards, or the use of logs to create a feature in a room. So, until I get my log cabin nestled next to a forest and lake, I will look to incorporate some rustic elements into  my home to tide me over. How about you? Do you like the Rustic style?

Image source – this incredible vacation cabin, designed by Dan Joseph Architects stands in the middle of the woods in Headwaters Camp, Big Sky, Montana.


6 responses to “Interior Styles: Rustic

  • secretgardenhome

    Good morning Doris,

    I love this column. Rustic style is very appealing to me too, esp. it’s Scandi version.



    p.s. MacGyver comment made me laugh. We had this show in PL as well, so I’m familiar with it as well.

  • tina @colourliving

    Ha. Beautiful images. Yay, love rustic too. It has to be in the right setting though:)

    Happy week x

  • littlebigbell

    We regularly visit Canada as my husband is Canadian – rustic cabins are easy to find, I guess due to the abundance of timber there. It is always lovely to stay in one with a log burning fire set against the stunning scenery. However, I think that rustic look suits the environment it’s in and I feel it just somehow would look wrong in an urban home unless as you mention we use a more pared down scandinavian look. Lovely pictures Doris – I feel like going back to Vancouver now… xx

    • interiornovice

      Hi Geraldine, you lucky thing married to a Canadian! I loved Vancouver and when I think about living in a log cabin by the lake, it’s in Canada! Yes, you are right, this style does need to be in the right place or parred back against a clean scheme. See you soon. xD

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