Breaking it Down


Every now and again, I come across a picture of an interior that I am so fascinated with, that I literally stare at it for minutes. The reason for this is firstly,because I LOVE it and secondly because I’m trying to figure out why. Why do I love it? What is it about the image that works and what elements am I drawn to. I call this trying to “break it down”. It’s a useful thing to do, as it helps one to understand what style you like and how to incorporate the elements into your scheme.

So, whenever I come across such a picture, I will post it up and “break it down” to the best of my ability.

Today’s image is of the fashion designer Nanette Lepore’s eclectic living room in her Manhattan home. Among the intriguing objects of her home is a beautiful glass chandelier in the form of a ship.



  1. The Glass Chandelier is a striking feature in the living room creating a beautiful focal point. Other elements of glass in the mirror and nest of tables bring harmony into the scheme
  2. The sofa, pouffe and armchair although different colours and textures are pulled together through the clever use of indented buttons on each piece of furniture.
  3. The addition of a large cream coloured rug bring lightness into an otherwise dark wall and floor. The texture also adds another dimension by making the room warm and inviting.
  4. The use of Orange and Blue are complimentary colours in the colour wheel. Although there are many different textures and materials used, the colour palette is restricted to these shades.
  5. The painting above the fireplace brings a sense of joy to the room.

So what do you think? Does the scheme work for you? Are there other elements that you like/dislike? I’d love to know your thoughts. Till tomorrow. xD

Source Image:

Photographer: William Waldron


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