Displaying Art by Leaning


I have a confession to make. I am an obsessive leaner…. of art that is. Almost every piece of art work that we have in the house isn’t hung on a wall but instead is dotted around each room and leaning against something.

I love this look. Not only does it make our home feel informal and casual, it also allows me to change and move the pictures as and when I want without any hassle. Here are some ways that you can display your art through leaning…


That’s all for today. Have a lovely day and we’ll talk more interiors tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Leaning Artwork – BoConcept, On a Chair – Lonny.Com, On the Floor – BoConcept, Unknown, amorphicstudio, arent&pyke, On the Shelf – unknown

Note: I always try to find the original source of the images that I use, however sometimes I fail in my quest so if you know of the source of any of the unknown pictures, please feel free to let me know and I will update accordingly.


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