How to use Grey in your Interior


Are you a fan of Pinterest? I only ask because I use it a lot to research images both for this blog and for my studies – you can check out and follow me on pinterest here. I’ve setup a number of boards based on colour and guess which colour has the most followers? GREY.

Being a colour that is neither black nor white, it has seen increasing popularity over the last year or so and it’s only growing. I think the reason for this, is that it’s so flexible in how it can be used. From French Glamour to Industrial, it can be used in any style of interior easily.


So here are some ways on how you can use grey in your interiors:

  • Two factors that need consideration when choosing the right colour grey are the undertones – which are yellow, blue or purple and how light or dark the shade is.
  • Mix grey with yellow undertones to create a warm palette and blue undertones to create a cool palette
  • Create harmony in a scheme by using grey and mixing it with another colour that is used within the same interior
  • Dark grey works really well as a background for bright colours
  • If you have a north facing room, then try to avoid using grey on the walls, use them as accents instead.


Well I finally got my wish for snow. Only a light flurry, though snow none the less. It was wonderful to walk in as I made my way through the park to pick up little J from nursery, I was kissed by millions of light snowflakes as they floated down to the ground. Almost magical. Hopefully by the end of the week, I can make snow angels with little J. Have a wonderful Tuesday and we’ll talk more interiors tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Title Image –, 2nd Image – wichmann +bendtsen photography, 3rd Collage – Farrow&Ball, Anthony Baratta, 4th Collage – Photography by Rick Schultz and interior design by Jimmie Martin, FeyHandmade, Atelier Abigail Ahern Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes.


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