A Room with a View and Thank You


Good Morning All, Wednesday is inspiration day and what a wonderful view it is too. Being a bookworm, I couldn’t think of any other place more wonderful then a minimalist interior stacked to the ceiling with books and a sofa just beckoning me over to laze on while enjoying that mountain view.  Ahhhh…

And before I go, I’ve been honoured this week not once but twice by mentions of Diary of an Interior Novice. KLC with whom I am currently studying my Interior Design Diploma with were nice enough to mention my blog on their Facebook, Twitter and Linked in pages. So Thank You.


And I’ve also been featured as a blogger who will be attending the Meet the Blogger event in Stockholm later this month. You can read the feature here. And a big Thank You to the guys at Meet the Blogger also.


It’s not only nice to get mentions outside of the blog space, but I just wanted to also thank those of you that take the time to read and comment here. It makes writing it so much more enjoyable and interactive and your support is so very much appreciated. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: PoliformDC


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