Interior Styles: French Glamour


Good Morning. Did you have a snow filled weekend like we did over here in London? Or were you lucky enough to experience some more sunnier weather. However your weekend was, I hope it was a nice and relaxing one.

Today in honour of the Maison & Objet interiors show that is currently running in Paris we will be talking about French Glamour here on the blog.

French Glamour is all about decorating in a French style but with the volume turned up to maximum. It’s a sophisticated and yet timeless style that mixes antique furnishing, art and luxury fabrics. French style also incorporates an element of flair and flamboyance in a way that only the french can.



  • A subtle and soft colour palette usually in neutrals. Think white, off-white, taupe, beige, greys and hints of soft blues and greens
  • Furniture is usually vintage or antique. For example a Louis 15th chair would fit perfectly into a french style interior.
  • Ornate detailing in the interior such as carvings in cornices, stairs and furniture.
  • Upholstery is luxurious, plush velvet, silk or even lace
  • There is always one major focal point to the room, typically this is usually the lighting such as an ornate chandelier
  • Gold is very often used to add warmth and glamour to the interior



I think that this style is a difficult one to pull off well. If you had a limited budget, it would be even more difficult as a lot of the furnishings and material are costly as this style is all about creating that grandeur and making an impact. Although I can appreciate this style, it’s not really one that I would propose for a home unless it was grand and had a historical reference.

So what do you think? Could you have a french glamour style in your home? Have a lovely Monday. Till tomorrow. xD

Image source: Title – e-magdeco, 2md Image – Ashlee Raubach Photography, 3rd Image – Better Homes & Gardens, 4th Image – Hawthorne Studios, Final Collage – 1st, 2nd- Outthereinteriors, 3rd –  Barbara Hawthorn Interiors


10 responses to “Interior Styles: French Glamour

  • Lauren

    I love French glamour, but agree can be a bit pricy to style your entire home this way. What I personally love to do when styling spaces is combine styles. Say for instance Industrial with a touch of French Glamour, Or even traditional with French glamour! Personally I prefer more minimalist decor but I appreciate the beauty in this French decor! Love this column! My favorite!

  • Lena

    No french glamour for me. I guess I’m neither french nor glamourous enough. Let’s leave it to those who live in french castles. And maybe some Hollywood stars. BTW – I watched some episodes of that show you suggested. Thank you very much for getting me addicted;)

  • littlebigbell

    Hi Doris, not sure whether my initial entry went through, but here it is again. Love the beautiful French glamour images that you have put up and a wonderful round up of the look. It’s not really my style but I can imagine it would look fabulous in a large, high ceilinged, period apartment in Paris with large balcony doors, beautiful parquet floors and the owner in her beautiful pastel billowy Dior vintage gown – I can dream on about the apartment 🙂 x

    • interiornovice

      Funny, just before you mentioned Dior, I was thinking of Dior! To be able to live in a glamorous French period apartment would be a dream! I’d be popping down to Pierre Hermes for some seasonal macarons – my favourite!

  • tina @colourliving

    Ha, ladies, dreaming about Paris, Dior and Pierre Hermes (much better than Ladurée).. although hate macarons so not sure why I’m commenting about them:-)

    The French style looks amazing when done well and yes, I have seen a lot done well in Paris. However, it’s expensive, not very creative and a little predictable. You’ve chosen some beautiful images x

  • Chichi Furniture

    Just came across your blog. I love these rooms, so beautifully designed with the perfect balance between French ornate and neutral tones. I love the elaborate gold mirror in pic 1 – what a focal point :O)

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