Interiors Feature in Dwell Asia


It’s a new day and with little J finally better and able to get to nursery (and myself out of the house), I’ve got my mojo back. Being home bound, though annoying, was not a complete loss as it gave me the chance to catch up on some reading.

It was while I was flicking through pages of interiors features on my ipad that I came across this little winner. Dwell Asia – bless them, has devoted an entire issue (January-February 2013) on Interiors. Now, usually I would just flick through and admire the lovely images taking in 1 or 2 little bits of interesting information. However, this time I found the information so interesting and new that I actually picked up a pen and started taking notes! Rare indeed.

So I thought for today’s post, I’d put together some of the notes from one of the feature articles where four design professionals were interviewed. I hope you enjoy…


  • When planning an interior consider how the room is going to be used and what it’s primary purpose is going to be
  • Good interior design provokes a feeling when you enter a room more than how it looks
  • An interior that is mostly used at night will have very different requirements as opposed to one that is used during the day
  • The biggest novice mistake is to choose a piece of furniture first then try to fit it into a plan. Usually the plan comes first.


  • People tend to overlook factors that seem unimportant in a space such as cabinet handles but they can affect a scheme dramatically. Always consider every element in the scheme when planning.
  • To go about choosing your colours, furniture and textiles use your intuition. This is the accumulation of experiences, reading books and viewing images and photo’s.
  • Preparation and planning is key to putting a room together


  • Your home should reflect your lifestyle and aesthetics. Much like your wardrobe
  • Work in 3’s to control the look of a room eg. you might use 3 textures – wood, concrete and linen, 3 colours – pale grey, charcoal and green and 3 prints – 2 small and 1 big in a scheme
  • Printed curtains can act as a wall paper at night when closed


  • Don’t follow trends too closely. Well designed interiors should be able to stand the test of time
  • Choose colours to suit the surrounding area of the space and consider where the natural light is coming from in the space
  • When planning, consider more than one room at a time as you need to think about how it will relate to the rest of the house

If you are interested in reading further you can obtain the issue here. Happy Reading.

So what do you think? Is there anything new that you’ve learnt here? Do any of the points noted remind you of a real life situation where it could have come in handy? I’d love to know.

Have a lovely Thurday. xD

Image Source – Dwell Asia


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