Off to Stockholm…


Where has the week gone? Seriously, wasn’t it just Monday yesterday? I feel like the weeks been a blur as once again my dear little J has been ill and at home (Winter please be over soon). Though I love him to bits and am forever thankful of every minute I get to spend with him, it also means that my time gets swallowed up in large chunks when he’s sick and unfortunately something always has to give. This week it’s been today’s post for the – 5 things I’ve learnt. But it’ll be back next week.

So, I’ll be off to Stockholm this afternoon for the Meet the Blogger convention where I will be able to meet lots of other lovely like minded people that share the same passion as me, Interiors and Blogging. Although I am glad to be going, part of me feels like I just want to recover from the week I’ve just had. I’m sure the feeling of excitement and trepidation will come to me once I get on the plane.

Why trepidation I hear you ask? Well to be honest, I feel like a fraud. I mean, I’m not a blogger am I? I’ve only been writing for a few months and I have no interesting mentionable experience that would be remotely interesting to anyone. There are so many super talented people that will be there, rock stars of the blogging world with a gazillion followers, well known interior designers and professional stylists who have done the rounds over and over again.

So this morning I ask myself why am I going to bother to get myself packed and board that plane? And the answer is, because through this blog, I’ve met some of the most unbelievably supportive and encouraging people. People like you who have taken the time to read, comment and email me with warm wishes and positive feedback. You have given me the strength to try new things and go out of my comfort zone. So even though I’m not a blogging rockstar or famous Interior Stylist, I’m damn well going to talk to them and everyone else and learn as much as I can from these people who have so much experience to share. Because, I have a lot to learn and I want to share it with you. And who knows, I might make a few friends along the way.

Have a lovely weekend. As I’ll be away there will be no post on Monday. Till Tuesday. xDoris

P.S. I’ll be on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend if you want to follow some of my adventures, just follow me through the social media buttons on the top right corner of this site. Till next week…


7 responses to “Off to Stockholm…

  • secretgardenhome

    Enjoy Doris! Your blog is amazing! You are definitely a rising STAR in our blogging world! Bests


  • tina

    Aww, Doris, I just shed a little tear! Why are you saying all these things??

    You know, I went to The Hive conference in Berlin last May when I had only been blogging for 4-5 months… what I learned was that every blogger is nice and supportive. There is a real sense of camaraderie amongst bloggers and everyone is welcome…

    I have no doubt your weekend was fab and you worried for nothing!

    Sorry to hear little J was not well. I hope he got through the WE without mummy and is perking up.

    Look forward to your reviews:-) x

    • interiornovice

      Hi Tina, I must admit that I thought long and hard before I pressed publish, but I realised that this blog is not just about interiors but also an ongoing journey. So I thought it wouldn’t be honest of me to only write about the good stuff, that I should be honest and write about the bad stuff too. And the things that scare the bejesus out of me, like Stockholm. You are right of course I had nothing to fear. But it was what I was feeling at the time and have realised since that we all go through it. Blogger are a lovely bunch of people and I feel blessed to be a part of this community. xD

  • Lauren

    I can’t wait to hear all about your experience at Meet the Blogger! Will you be taking Holly Beckers course again in March? It’s kind of gotten addictive to me, this will be my third class with her. I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers, it always inspires me! Congrats on the wonderful recognition as a new up and coming blogger!

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lauren, Stockholm was great! They have another on in London in March, so come along if you can make it, I’d love to meet you. Not sure about Holly’s course, I may do it again later in the year – it is addictive and she’s very inspiring. xD

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