A tale of two interior styles…


So I’m sure you’re aware by now that I attended the Meet the Blogger  convention over the weekend. One of the highlights was the Design tour that was lead by the lovely Tiina from ELCEStockholm. The tour took us to a number of lovely design stores including Bemz which is a swedish brand that designs, produces and sells custom covers to fit the most popular models of IKEA sofas and chairs and Designtorget which is a very cool chain that represents products from small independent designers.

There were 2 stores on the design tour however that stood out for me.

As an interior novice, I am still trying to find my “style” and I often surprise myself with what I like and don’t. So it was with some surprise that I fell in love with 2 very very different stores with very different aesthetics.


Svenskt Tenn is a legendary brand in Swedish design. The company was founded in 1924 by a 30 year old art teacher named Estrid Ericson. She was motivated by wanting to sell pewter objects at affordable prices. Fast forward 10 years with a reputation as a leading interior design store in Stockholm, Estrid then teamed up with Josef Frank, an Austrian architect and designer. Josef and Estrid made a dynamic team, where Josef designed and produced the furniture and textiles with a modernist viewpoint and Estrid ran the day to day operations of the store with an eye for presentation.

Today the company is owned by a foundation with a single goal which is to keep the company living forever. The company has strong values towards it’s heritage and 80% of it’s products are derived from their archives that includes over 2,000 furniture sketches and 160 textile designs produced by Josef Frank.

As you can imagine, the products they sell have a distinct aesthetic that ties in with the period with which they were designed. I was particularly drawn to the more mid century style furniture such as the Wawonaroot Cabinet or the mahogany arm chair but also their more interesting designs such as the Mirror Eric Ericsson.

Image Source – Svenskt Tenn


Lotta Agaton is one of Swedens leading interior stylists and she also has a popular interiors blog. Her work has been featured for major brands such as H&M Home, IKEA and Elle Interior. She has a very distinct minimalist style, mostly black and white, but her work has a humorous tone that provides personality to her styling.

Her store is also her office. She only opens the doors to the store one day a week, but we were lucky enough to get a special viewing as part of the Design Tour. I was immediately drawn to the restricted colour palette – black and white with light touches of natural and organic shapes to soften the effect. It was so cleverly done. Her office that was at the back of the store featured a mood board against white tiles with black grout that included inspiring typographic quotes including – “Think Independently”  and “No bullshit allowed!”. There was also a black and white picture of a naked Kate Moss that gave the office a cool vibe in a way that only Kate can.

The images above are a combination of Lotta’s Home and Office/Store taken by me.

I love both styles for very different reasons. Which style do you prefer? xD


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