Interior Styles: Scandinavian


Good Morning. I just wanted to start today by wishing those of you that celebrate Chinese New Year, a Happy New Year. It’s the year of the Water Snake, which should bring some good fortune to us all.

So today, I couldn’t really leave Stockholm behind without finishing off with an Interior Style based on the Scandinavian aesthetic. This style has become as famous as dare I say it, IKEA. A Scandinavian scheme is renowned for being simplistic, pared back and understated. There’s a strong emphasis on magnifying natural light and connecting with nature and the outdoors. This creates a restful and neutral interior.



  • Pared back and understated, the scheme uses clean lines, natural light and nature to create a restful interior.
  • Walls are usually painted white, off-white with blue or blue-grey highlights .
  • The colour palette is muted and usually restricted to neutrals.
  • Floors are wooden and in a light colour while the bathroom is tiled.
  • Furniture is clean and modern. Function is the priority then the design is pared back to it’s basic purpose creating beauty in the object through it’s simplicity.
  • Textiles are used in layers and consist of linen, wool, cotton, hessian and faux fur.
  • Accessories are scaled back and minimal.
  • Indoor plants bring nature and the outdoors inside. This contrasts well against the white walls and light floors.



This is a very popular style. The reason is that it’s a great base that allows you to merge this style with any other style to create a modern yet unique interior. For example, you could use all the elements of the Scandinavian style and then fuse in some metal pieces to add an industrial edge to the style. Or you could add some colourful tiles to the kitchen to create a Moroccan style into the scheme. The choices are endless. It’s for this reason that I can safely say it could work with any interior in any country.

So what do you think? Do you already have a Scandinavian interior? Do you like this style? I’d love to know. Have a lovely Monday. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Eric Olsson via MyScandinavianHome


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