Interior Style: Bohemian


Good Morning, how was your weekend? For me, I managed to stay home for most of it and just potter around the house. It was heavenly and rare to be able to do so, so I relished every minute of it.

It’s time for another interior style and today I thought I’d talk about the Bohemian Style. As a teenager I used to while away my summer holidays with romantic notions about travelling the world and being a free spirit. I would imagine myself living a nomadic existence and going and doing whatever I fancied, moving from place to place on a whim, eating exotic foods and lying on a brightly coloured hammock under a desert sun. This is what I thought it would be like to live a bohemian life. I’m sure the reality is far far from this, but one can dream right?

Bohemian interiors are inspired by travels to exotic and colour filled destinations such as India, Morocco and South America. These interiors are vibrant, colourful and eclectic. Taking from the idea that items are collected during their travels, a variety of unique and individual pieces are  collected and displayed together making the Bohemian interior one of the most difficult to pull off well.


There are so many interpretations of this type of interior that it was difficult to create a cohesive collage of images to showcase. Instead, I’ve chosen a variety of images that I like and that contain the different elements of the style in each.


  • This type of interior is usually bright and colourful.
  • Different textiles are used and layered to create an inviting scheme. A variety of fabrics are used for upholstery such as silk, velvet, cotton.
  • Artwork is a must in an Bohemian interior, pieces need to be unique. Rugs and tapestries is not uncommon on the wall or floor.
  • Furniture is upcycled, distressed or antique. A sofa or floor can typically have a mix of  jewel toned cushions.
  • Lighting is unusual in style, most often exotic eg. a Morroccan copper lantern.
  • This interior does not have any matching elements, ie every object in the interior should be unique however the key to creating a successful Bohemian interior is to restrict the colour palette to no more than 3 colours.






I love this style because you need to think in an extremely creative way and thinking outside of the box is encouraged. However, I think that the art of creating a the bohemian interior is not as popular as it used t0 be. For me, I can appreciate this type of interior in a setting outside of my home like a restaurant or cafe, but in my own home I would prefer a more muted palette.

So what do you think? Do you like the Bohemian Style? Which image did you like the best? I’d love to know. Little J is home this week due to half term, so we’ve got a few activities planned. Have a wonderful Monday. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Market Plaats , Tony Duquette, Adam Wallacavage, Heidi Lender, Unknown, Emag Deco


8 responses to “Interior Style: Bohemian

  • Lena

    Ah, nice to start into the week with one of your interior styles! And this one is perfect for this time of the year when I just want to dream myself away to a warm and exotic place! I agree – I like the style, but in my own house it could get a bit annoying, at least when it’s like in the pictures above! My style is probably a bit like that, though… (or just a bit cluttered? I need more room!). What I think is important about the style is also that it needs to be part of that person’s life. That he or she really travelled al lot and brought those pieces home. If it’s just done by an interior designer for someone who has spent all his life sitting in an office and on the sofa watching tv it’s a bit ridiculous. I think.
    Have a great week! xLena

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lena, you make a great point! Yes, the bohemian style is a lifestyle so you would hope that all the pieces were collected during their travels etc. It could still be created well by an Interior Designer but perhaps not as memorable for the person living there ;). xD

  • MareePSasja

    Not for me I’m afraid, Doris!
    Too cluttered. I’m not obsessively fastidious but I do need to know things are clean – and these rooms would be very difficult to clean. As you know, Australia is hot much of the year – and with hot weather comes BUGS. Cluttered interiors and bugs just don’t mix well, in my view!
    I can admire the great mix of exotic colours and textures – and we all need to have our boundaries stretched. But I could never live with these styles.
    I agree with Lena’s comment above – if these rooms are a reflection of somebody’s culture/travels, well and good. I can’t imagine somebody constructing this style for somebody else.
    You are doing a great job of challenging us Doris!

  • Eclectic Trends (@GudyHerder)

    Interesting, I had a certain thing for bohemian style not that cluttered and colored but sort of until a few weeks ago mixing up lots of styles and souvenirs from different travels. Now I am having quite a problem with my home trying to get it cleaner, lighter and even more modern. I guess I am in the 5 yrs circle and just need a (mayor) change 🙂 which is fun at the same time!!

    • interiornovice

      Hi Gudy, I’d have to agree that this style can be very cluttered and colourful. At the same time de-cluttering is very very good therapy. I usually do it just before summer arrives. Have fun with your clean up :). xD

  • tina

    Oh Doris, what a visual feast first thing in the morning!!

    I love the Bohemian style but a) don’t trust myself to have enough confidence to get it right and b) being in a small flat does not lend itself for this style.

    I actually love all images you’ve chosen bit my fav image would have to be the one with the Chinese lantern.

    I agree with the previous comments. This is such an individualist and unique style that absolutely needs to reflect the person/people living there. Authenticity is a must here.

    Another fabulous post! x

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