Breaking it Down…


So the other day I came across a picture that had the most amazing pendant light. It’s a light made entirely out of Ostrich Feathers by Haldane Martin. I found myself looking at the picture for a long time, not just because of the pendant light which I now need to find a place in my home for, somewhere, anywhere! but also the fact that I was intrigued by the interior it was featured in. So I’m going to try and break it down today. Here we go…


  1. The focus of the room is the striking feather pendant that brings the feeling of glamour into the scheme.
  2. The pastel pink chair at the back of the room ties in with the picture on the wall featuring pastel butterflies which creates a separate area in the room. However the pink does not clash with the purple velvet couch, creating separation and harmony at the same time.
  3. The deep purple sofa works well against the dark wood floor. The feather image on the cushion is also a clever play against the feathers in the light.
  4. The tables are unified through their similar detailing and the candle holders bring them together.
  5. The dove grey walls create a soothing backdrop to the dramatic furnishings and lighting in the room.

So what do you think of the room? Is there anything you could add to the breakdown process? If so, please do, I love it when you guys give your opinions! Have a lovely Tuesday. xD

Image Source – Norwegian Maison


9 responses to “Breaking it Down…

  • susan colebourne

    nice post & lovely room doris! i would add that the circular gilt side table also amps up the glamour factor big style & simultaneously ties in with the curviness of that delicious puff-ball of a pendant!

  • Jo llewellyn

    Hi Doris, wow what an insightful post! I will have to check back here regularly – I think I could learn a lot from you! It was great to meet you at the Meet The Blogger Stockholm event – I also really enjoyed our long chat! Are you going to the London event? I just got my ticket :-). I can’t add anything much to your lovely post – other than to say that the wooden doors seem like they shouldn’t work in that room but somehow they really do – perhaps they add warmth to the scheme and tie in with what looks to me to be a timber top on the rectangular table. Anyway, lovely post!
    Jo x

    • interiornovice

      Hi Jo! I hope you guys have settled in. It was so lovely to meet and chat with you too! Yes I’ll be going to London’s Meet the blogger so will see you there yay! Thanks for your input and kind words. I know what you mean about the doors. See you soon. xD

  • tina @colourliving

    I love the room – a lot but must admit, the coffee table and rug just kills it for me. This room is about abundance and glamour and that rug looks too small, too thin and not luscious enough.

    The chandelier is truly stunning!!! x

  • Nathalie Arrigone

    Reblogged this on KOTHEA The Fabric Blog and commented:
    That must be a case for a 6w lamp but yes the pendant light does look amazing.

  • Sonya Law

    I love the chandelier, as well. She looks good and fresh in her prime but, I would hate to see what happens to those beautiful feathers eventually. It might just turn into a “sad duck”.Haha! It is very unique though. I think I would also, agree about the tables and some stronger choices. And I just did a post myself about rugs and watching the size. It is very disproportunate to the room have to agree with Tina@colorliving on that as well.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Sonya, thanks for your comments. I must admit that I hadn’t thought of the longevity of the light! Something I must consider for next time as the practicalities are important. Thanks for visiting. xD

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