5 Things I’ve learnt from…


Last week we talked about how I went to the all day Masterclass I attended in 2011 called Design with Confidence and the lecture presented by Diana McKnight. The post went through a number of the design principles commonly used to build an interior scheme. You can take a look at last weeks post here.

As I got such good feedback from the last post, I thought it wasn’t right to just leave it so today I will outline the last 2 design principles to ensure that you all get the complete picture. So, here they are:

  1. Proportion – is the relationship of one part of the room to another. It’s about creating visual balance within a scheme. The golden section, is a greek methodology that emphasises that given two parts, one smaller and one larger, the ratio between the smaller and larger part should be the same as the ratio between the larger part to the whole. The 3 variables in the proportion of a room are the width, length and height.
  2. Scale – this relates to proportion and is used with a visual reference to the things we know. The scale of an item is usually used as a  reference compared with a person or another object in the room.

I think that these elements are the most fun of the design principles. Playing with scale and proportion can turn a boring and bland room into a bit of a Alice in Wonderland scenario and create something unexpected and exciting within a scheme. Which element is your favourite?

And finally, last week we had a bit of fun by guessing which images utilised which of the design principles. After careful analysis, I can safely say that every one of the rooms I showed has all the design principles in them in some form, including the use of proportion and scale.


So there you go. I hope you enjoyed the post today. This weekend will be full of activities with the family and I’m craving a roast so may have to fit that in somehow.  Have a wonderful weekend. xD

Image Source – Title – Etsy,  Freshome.com, House Beautiful and Atlanta Homes Magazine


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