Interior Styles: Ski Chalet


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We spent the weekend at home with all planned activities cancelled due to someone (me) getting the cold that’s been going around these parts lately. I must admit that it was nice staying in bed all day, surfing pinterest on the ipad and catching up on mind-numbing tv.

With the floating drops of snow slowly making their way to the ground outside my window, it made me reminisce of one of my bucket list items that I managed to cross off a few years ago when I finally made it to Whistler, Canada for a ski holiday. Growing up in Australia, the mountains and snow just don’t really compare to the the ones on the other side of the world. So I always dreamed of seeing a “proper” mountain with alpine tree’s and snow. And what was the first thing I noticed when I got there? Not the snow that was 2 feet deep, or the brisk cold air, but rather the fresh everlasting smell of the pine tree’s that littered the mountain side. It was unforgettable.


So this weeks interior style is a homage to the great ski chalet. Though some might argue that it’s not really an interior style, I beg to differ. Ski chalet’s do have a distinct aesthetic and they all share key elements. They take from the rustic style and then add a twist of contemporary. Those beautifully built log cabins that are made to withstand extreme temperatures outside, create a warm and inviting haven inside.

The beautiful Chalet that I’ve used to showcase the style today is located in the French resort of Megeve called Le Chalet Zannier.


  • Like the Rustic style, Ski Chalets use a lot of wood in their interiors. This is part of the philosophy of reflecting the beauty of the outside in.
  • The focal point of a room is almost always the view of the mountain side outside and the interior should work with that
  • Fireplaces are a must to create a warm and inviting atmosphere
  • Colours used are mostly neutral however can be complimented with deep rich and warm colours
  • Furniture is usually contemporary in style and covered in natural fibres including linen, wool and leather
  • Rugs are a must against a wood or stone floor, thick pile, sheep skin or faux fur
  • Accessories can include antlers and wall mounted animal heads






Can you bring a ski chalet style into your home. Probably not entirely, but I do have a couple of sheepskins that I place over chairs to warm up the interior of the room. I think that it’s better to leave this style where it belongs, in the mountains and snow. So what do you think? Do you like this style? Would you live with this style in your home? or  are you planning a trip to the snow soon and staying in a ski chalet? I’d love to know. Till tomorrow. xD

Image source – Le Chalet Zannier


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