Displaying your memories


Last week during term break, I was invited over to a friends house for a playdate with little J. I love visiting peoples homes and seeing how people decorate. No matter what style it is or their personal tastes, I believe there is always something to be learned.

This particular home was awash with shelves and walls full of family photographs. They had photo’s dating back generations. The photographs were displayed  in various sizes and frames but they sat harmoniously together through the restriction of the frame colours – cream and off-white. When I saw the display I realised that I had been neglectful in displaying our memories in my own home. So off I went to investigate some idea’s on displaying photo’s in your home. Here are the results.







I’m going to start with a display of photo’s with washi tape in our kitchen as I absolutely love the laid back style of displaying photographs like this. Do you display photo’s in your home? If so how? I’d love to know. Have a lovely Tuesday. Till tomorrow…

Image Source – Title & 6th Image – Unknown, 2nd Image – Umbra.com, 3rd Image – Isabel Lopez, 4th Image – vtwonen.nl, 5th Image – Varpunen, 7th Image – LivingEtc July 2010


16 responses to “Displaying your memories

  • myeyesonthings

    I am impressed how often you come up with new interesting posts…

  • sue

    lovely imagery doris… i’ve got to say i mix my displays up… some framed pictures, some photos printed onto canvases, some tucked into the sides of frames in a temporary fashion… it certainly does make a place feel more homely having some personal photos around!

  • Cyndi

    I’m liking the clips and the washi tape for ease in changing – these is are great ideas for my daughter as she decorates her new apartment. For me I have taken the lazy way out and transfer our photos to a digital frame.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Cyndi, I never considered a digital frame but I guess that’s another consideration. I hope these ideas do help your daughter, I’d love to hear if she used any of them! Thanks for visiting. xD

  • Fairly Light

    Lovely post Doris. I have three gallery walls in my home – all just made up of standard frames in the same colour. I have some washi tape that I plan to use in my office space though x

    • interiornovice

      Thanks Lauren, your gallery walls sounds lovely and harmonious. Washi tape is great isn’t it? I use it for my moodboard wall in my office (ahem bedroom corner), and it does the job nicely. xD

  • secretgardenhome

    Pictures! I can’t wait to display them:)) great ideas. The wall mural picture looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing Doris.Mx

  • adri

    Love this post! I have a million pictures that need to be displayed.


  • lena

    That wall mural is fantastic! Right now I have a small gallery wall in the kitchen and I have always preferred to display family photos in the kitchen because it’s a place where we spend a lot of time and where I don’t mind everything to be colourful, mixed and maybe even a bit cluttered. I like to mix private and other pictures in a gallery wall or collage on the wall, too, and having some kind of theme for it – making it more of a moodboard in a way.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lena, you are so right about the kitchen being the centre of the home so I agree that it should also contain photo’s. The idea of mixing a gallery wall is fantastic! Making a big moodboard on the wall with your photo’s and other pictures is a great idea also. That will be next on my list. xD

  • tina @colourliving

    I tend to change things around. I also like the laid back display and for a while I did tape my photos down with washi tape. I don’t know, I seem to change things around.

    Photos d make a home more personal. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want any around, does that sound strange??

    • interiornovice

      I think it depends on how your photo’s are displayed. I lived for many years without any photo’s in the house, so it doesn’t sound strange at all. I only started to want photo’s when we purchased our first flat, maybe because it felt like a home for the first time in my life. xD

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