Breaking it Down…


So you know that I have an aversion towards pink in the home. So it was surprising when I came across the image of this grand living room that featured a velvet sofa in powder pink and loved it. I’m not sure whether it’s because it sits against a stunning soft grey painted room or that the sofa itself is quite masculine in style. Either way, I was intrigued and wanted to figure out why the room works so well. So today I’m going to try and break it down.


  1. The walls and ceiling are painted out in the same soft grey colour creating a subtle backdrop to the furnishings in the room. It also mutes the panelling on the doors and columns making the room feel less grand and more modern.
  2. The vertical lines on the grey lamp replicate the lines in the column next to it and are used to create a divider between the area’s within the room.
  3. The 2 armchairs in the living area mimic the legs of the table in the background creating a sense of unity to the scheme.
  4. The powder pink velvet sofa is the focal point of the room and pops against the soft grey walls and dark floors.
  5. The red/orange accessories are present in all 3 area’s of the scheme tying the whole look together. The red picture in the room behind the doors draws the eye towards the hidden room. Only one main colour palette is present in the room – red.

So what do you think of the room? Would you have a pink sofa like that in your home? You know I’d love to know. Have a lovely Thursday. xD

Image Source – Cote Maison


9 responses to “Breaking it Down…

  • owlshouseblog

    Actually, I hate the pink sofa! I love everything else and the room itself, and you’ve broken it down beautifully. I think it’s great the way you break the room down, as even though we see things its not until we analyse them that we are really ‘looking’. Back to the sofa- I wish they would just get rid of it… 🙂 Great post! J x

    • interiornovice

      Lol – you make me laugh.. but I understand where you are coming from having read your blog. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one ;). Thanks for your opinion, it’s always valued and most welcome. In regards to breaking it down, I often find it helps me to understand why why something works. xD

  • lena

    I wouldn’t mind a sofa like that in my home if it was a room like that – I think it’s a nice contrast. The little ornaments at the bottom are a little too much for me, but the rest is fine, I mean – it’s not neon pink! I really like the grey walls and floors and the grey lamp – it kind of looks as if someone had just taken the whole room and dipped it into grey paint!

    • interiornovice

      Yes a neon pink sofa may be a bit too much and would send me over the edge I think. The pastel pink is just about acceptable ;). The grey colour of the walls is lovely isn’t it? Always a pleasure hearing your thoughts as usual Lena. xD

  • myeyesonthings

    How you analyzed the room makes so much sense to me! I usually go with my gut, but you are taking on the professional approach. My dream is to have my own office/lounge in the house and in this case I would decorate like that. In a general room where my 3 men would roam? Probably not.
    Right now I do have an eggplant colored sofa for myself and maybe I should switch to pink? Or just stay with a pink blouse instead???

    • interiornovice

      Hi Nicola, thanks for the feedback. I think that eggplant would also look nice against a grey wall like in the image. A dedicated office/lounge would be a dream come true for me too. At the moment my office is a table in our bedroom! But at least it’s quiet during the day… xD

  • tina @colourliving

    Gosh I love the room and that pink sofa. I had no idea you hate pink!

    Love how you break it down and explain why things work. You are very good at this x

  • MC

    Really good breakdown, but I just thought I’d mention that the sofa is actually lilac or lavender in colour, instead of a pink. Perhaps that’s why you like it? Grey and purple tones are a classic combo, especially when a subtle lilac or lavender is involved. I fell in love with this photo when I first saw it a few months ago and I wish I had bookmarked the source for more info.

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