5 things I’ve learnt from…


It’s Friday! Yay and almost time for the weekend.

Last September, I attended the Design Masterclass of the famous London based Interior Designer Abigail Ahern. The class took place in her home and she used it as a showcase for the lesson’s she taught during the 1 day workshop.

So the first thing I have to say is that her house is like a work of art, every single nook of the house is a feast for the eye’s and if you ever get the chance to attend her class then I would highly recommend it. Abigail is such a talented designer and was wiling and able to answer every question thrown at her. The class was structured but the setup with laid back and informal making an environment that was conducive to learning.

Here are 5 tips that I learnt from the masterclass:

  1. General – create contrast in a room by using lots of different textures and use the ratio of 80% harmony and 20% oddball to create tension in a room.
  2. Hallways – treat them like a living room and accesorise as you would any other. In transitional area’s such as this, you can use bold colours as you don’t stay in them for long and will create maximum impact.
  3. Kitchen -this room can be cold and utilitarian, soften it up with accessories like books and lamps. Use open plan cupboards and shelving and use unexpected lighting. A trick to make a kitchen look more expensive is to use mdf doors and make them longer than the cupboards.
  4. Living Room – create as many nooks within the room as possible. Vary the height of furniture to create interest in the room and always add a spare chair.
  5. Bedroom – put multiple layers on the bed, create symmetry without being matchy matchy by using lights that are different but the same height. Instead of a standard bedside table, try to use something different such as a chair or even a normal table that can double as a desk.

If you’re interested in attending one of her classes you can find out more about it here, if you can’t make it to London, I heard a rumour that she might be setting up an e-course, she also has a store that is based in Islington and you can find out about it here. And finally, Abigail also has a new book out called Decorating with Style which will be released in the UK – later in the month. Do I sound like an informercial yet? The images below are from the blog of photographer Todd Selby from The Selby and are of Abigail Ahern’s home where I attended the masterclass.

It’s going to be a super busy weekend for me, today I will spend the day having a look around houses in South London as part of the Living Etc House Tour. There is nothing more fun than having a good snoop around a well designed home (in my opinion) so it’s going to be a special treat. Then on the weekend I will attend the Meet the Blogger conference in London. I am especially looking forward to meeting up with some old and new blogger friends and going on the design tour that has been organised by Tina from Colourliving. As usual I will report back next week after I’ve recovered from it all.

And finally, I just wanted to wish all those mother’s out there a happy Mother’s day as it will be on Sunday here in the UK. I hope you get spoilt with breakfast in bed and don’t have to then clean up after.

Have a lovely weekend. xD




18 responses to “5 things I’ve learnt from…

  • Fairly Light

    I’m so excited that Abigail might be doing an e-course! How amazing that you actually went to her house! Thanks for sharing the tips. Have a great weekend x

  • MareePSasja

    Wow – Abigail’s style is fabulous! I like the fact that she allows whimsy into her otherwise elegant space. What a beautifully rich style.
    If we end up moving back to the UK I will definitely be signing up for one of her courses – thanks for the tip, Doris!

  • lena

    I love love love her style, very cool. I’m not an interior expert or student but I’ve read a bit about her and I just love her way of decorating and styling, like the tips you listed above, it resonates so well with my own style and attitude. When, if, one day, I find a new place I’ll definitely follow her tips!
    Have fun this weekend – your plans sound great. I’ll have a busy day on sunday because it’s my little one’s birthday so I will be spoiling HIM instead!

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lena, yes she is wonderful in the way that she so readily shares her knowledge and expertise. I am a big fan and it was really special being able to see her home in person. Wish your little one a happy birthday from me. I hope you all have a great day. xD

  • myeyesonthings

    That sounds like such a treat to be able to go inside her house in person! Lucky you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the workshop.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Nicola, thanks for stopping by, it was great to be able to see the interiors but it rained all day and that kinda put a damper on things. I’m hoping the one I go to next week, same thing different area will not be so wet! xD

  • secretgardenhome

    Super stylish! Her living room is gorgeous. Have a great weekend and happy Mother’s day.Monx

  • Cyndi

    You were a lucky girl to have been able to take her class. An e-course from her would be great! Have a great Mother’s Day.

  • tina @colourliving

    Gosh, Selby’s photos are a little out of date:-) I also went to the Masterclass back in Oct/Nov and absolutely LOVED it! A’s house is indeed like a work of art and I remember coming home and feeling completely deflated by my own abode.

    You describe the day perfectly. I felt so inspired and elated and could have stayed for ages.

    I actually popped into the shop last Friday, chatted to A and saw the new re-fit. It’s fab and I had a little peek at the new book. We’re all in for a treat.

    I’m also a huge fan and just love her style.

    Hope you enjoyed the weekend. It was so nice to actually meet you in the flesh. It strangely felt familiar… maybe because we know each other online.

    Thank you so much for having joined the Design Tour on Mothers Day. That meant a lot xx

    PS I also did the Living ETC tour last year. I chose the North London one…

    • interiornovice

      Always nice to hear from you Tina, I’m looking forward to reading her new book also as I’m sure it will be packed full of information. I really enjoyed the tour and I now know about some amazing shops, I’m so glad that I went. xD

  • adri

    I am a huge Abigail Ahern fan! Amazing that you were in her house.
    I also love her dog.

  • Emily

    Oh I do hope Abigail does an ecourse! It looks like you really enjoyed her course. Lovely to meet you at Meet the Blogger on Saturday and I look forward to seeing you again soon x

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