Interior Styles: Mid Century Modern


So I’ve just gotten over the exhaustion that was the weekend. On Friday, I only managed to see 3 houses out of 6 at the Living Etc Homes Tour due to the bad weather conditions. I decided that I’d be ok walking and taking public transport but when my shoes and jacket got soaked through, I decided that it was time to abandon ship and go home to a warm cup of hot chocolate!

Then on Saturday, I attended the Meet the Blogger event in London which was an inspiring day jam packed full of learning, fun and chatter. On Sunday was Mother’s day where I spent the morning with the family. Big J, went out and got us all a McDonald’s breakfast which was a special treat. It’s the simple things :). Then I went on a lovely design tour that the ever knowledgable Tina from ColourLiving planned. You can read more about the tour on her blog here.

On the design tour we visited a well known British Design Store called SCP. The store was founded by Sheridan Coakley in 1985 and was originally a manufacturer and retailer of modern furniture. Inspired by the design classics of the modern movement, he decided to start selling classic and hard to find pieces from that period and has since progressed to producing new designs that holds the same aesthetic.

While I was in the store, I started to wonder what it was that defined the modern style. I mean we’ve all seen it around, it’s been gaining popularity for years now but where did it come from? And what was the difference between modern and contemporary style. So I came home and did some research.


Firstly, the modern style actually refers to the modernist era that took place between 1920 and 1960 and is also known as Mid-Century Modern. Contemporary refers to whatever is current at the time regardless of whether it’s historical or not. So some could argue that the modern style is also contemporary as it’s a popular style now. The modern style is all about the showcasing of quality pieces through high end design and function.


  • This style is recognised for it’s clean lines and simple furnishings.
  • Walls are often white to create a clean backdrop to the beauty of the furnishings.
  • Furniture is characterised by clean simple lines and designed to show the natural beauty of the materials used.
  • A combination of natural and man-made materials are used however they are used and designed in a way to flatter the materials and shapes in furniture.
  • Lights are classically shaped and pendants and lamps are made out of materials such as linen.
  • Geometric shapes are prominent  in fabrics and wallpaper.
  • Floors are typically clean wood with rugs.







This style is so popular now that it’s hard to find a home featured in a magazine that doesn’t have some type of mid-century furnishing in it. I do love this style so I wouldn’t object to having a couple of Eames chairs at my dinner table. The style is timeless and understandably popular. What do you think of the Mid-Century Modern Style? I’d love to know.

Have a lovely day. See you Wednesday. xD

Image source: SCP


19 responses to “Interior Styles: Mid Century Modern

  • owls house london.

    do I even need to say it? I’m a huge fan!! beautifully analysed as always. I was very sorry to miss the meet the blogger event and to meet everyone, but It was my son’s third birthday weekend 🙂 j x

  • cynthiamurdoch

    Mid Century Modern is one of my favorite styles. It’s right up there with Art Deco, and I have a cute little chair and kidney shaped ottoman in my living room. You definitely had one busy weekend! I hope you have a little chance to relax – but then there is our class! Have a great week.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Cynthia, I love Art Deco also, in fact that entire era was just so inspiring. I’m slowly catching up on things and it seems that this time blog boss doesn’t seem as demanding as the bootcamp so, so far so good. xD

  • secretgardenhome

    I love it too, and I like wandering around SCP store on Curtain road. I wrote about it 6mths ago, I think. Eames chairs, don’t get me started:)) I’m glad you had a good time over the weekend. I’m sure you’ll share more with us soon. Bests Monx

  • caroline @trend-daily

    Doris, this is such a great feature and you are a fabulous researcher! I’ve scrolled down through older posts-really lovely blog-congratulations-off to add you to my blog list! So lovely to see you very briefly on Saturday-hope to see you on the 23rd?! Cx

  • Holly {Avenue}

    Hey Doris! Was so so lovely to meet you over the weekend. I will be a regular visitor here as it’s all right up my alley! I love mid century modern style and you pinpointed the difference between modern and contemporary very well. Holly x

    • interiornovice

      Hi Holly, lovely to meet you on Saturday also. Thank you so much for the visit and lovely comments. It’s always appreciated. Let’s be sure to catchup when you are in London next. xD

  • myeyesonthings

    Hi Doris,
    great research! Your weekend sounds like fun, too. Will you post some pics for us soon?

    • interiornovice

      Hi Nicola, unfortunately I’m not very good with a camera, however I did go to a couple of workshops about photography at the conference so I’m going to slowly start to practise. Maybe I’ll be ready for the next one. Sorry. Hope you are enjoying BlogBoss. xD

  • Lauren

    I love the elements that make up what Mid Century Modern is. Clean, simple lines, organic materials. Sounds like you did a lot of fun, educational things in the past week. I will be in London the first week in October. Will there be any events in the blogger/ interior design industry going on? Funny because we are limited on those events here in Los Angles. Always enjoy reading your columns!

  • shobha4

    Wow! That was a really informative post. Great to meet you at the Blogger conference. See again soon hopefully!

  • tina @colourliving

    Let’s start with order of priorities….. you had a Mc Donalds breakfast on Mother’s Day????? ;-)))

    Your interest in research and analysis of interiors never seize to amaze me. Coming to your blog is always a pleasure and I walk away with new found insights or knowledge.

    Glad this post was inspired by our visit to SCP, which I’ve been a fan of forever! I do like Mid Century Modern but lean probably more towards contemporary.

    Great to see you on the weekend. xx

  • Seenery Modern Furniture Toronto

    Great postings….a fantastic education on mid-modern and contemporary. Appreciate the research!

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