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Back on Monday…


Hi Friends, this is just a very short note to let you know that I’m rushed off my feet this week with some last minute work that’s come up and half term (child at home). I figured rather than wage war with myself and not sleep, I’d have to delay blogging for a few days. I’ll be back on Monday with my Designer Profile post. Have a lovely week. xD


5 things I’ve learnt from…


Earlier in the week I attended the Press Release event of Anthropologies Autumn/Winter homewares collection. I’ve always been a fan of this eclectic store as not only do I love what they sell, but I am always returning to see what creative display they have put up.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I don’t usually talk about particular products as I’m more geared towards talking about design. However, I couldn’t resist a sneak peak.

When I got there, I was blown away with the displays they had put together I just had to take a few snaps. In turn, I realised that it is just as important to understand the basics of styling as it is about design for an Interior Designer to be successful. The finishing touches are what complete the interior and as they say, the devil is always in the details. So I thought I’d put together some basic things to consider below:Styling-your-home

  1. Display similar items  together to create a harmonious focal point.
  2. Vary the height of objects to create interest.
  3. Always add flowers, foliage or food to appeal to the senses.
  4. Add quirky items in unexpected places.
  5. Restrict the colour palette but provide lots of texture.

If you happen to be a professional interior stylist out there or even if you’re not, I’d love to know what you think as these tips were purely derived from the photo’s I took. And even if have something  you’d like to add to the list, I’m always eager to learn so don’t be shy!

It’s a long weekend over here in the UK so I will be back on Tuesday with another Interior Profile. Whatever you are up to, have a good one. And for all of my fellow blogging friends who are off to Berlin for The Hive Conference, safe travels and have a great time!

Till next week. Enjoy! xD

Photography: Doris Lee (Interior Novice)

A Room with a view…


Every week I post an image of a room with a fabulous view to keep us all motivated until the weekend. When I came across this wonderful image, I instantly felt happy and warm. The beautiful citrus wall just sings while the lady in the image looks out onto the tropical rainforest. Are you as inspired as I am?

Have a lovely day, till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Condenast Tumblr

Breaking it Down…


Have you been to or are watching the Chelsea Flower Show? Ever since I acquired a home with a small garden I have been almost obsessively learning about how to create a great outdoor space and watching the show every year for idea’s.

Previous to this I had no prior experience of ever maintaining or wanting to maintain a garden. In fact, I was such a novice that when a gardener friend came over to help me out with idea’s to landscape the garden, I pointed at a funny looking plant that had spikes on it, telling him that it just had to go as it was dangerous for the toddler. And he agreed as it turns out, it was a weed (nettle).

So ever since, I’ve been religiously watching Gardner’s World and working out what plants I have in my garden so that I have an idea of what I need to do with them. And though it took me 3 attempts over 2 years, I finally managed to grow myself one lone Ranunculus flower from bulb which is quite an accomplishment in my book of gardening. I was so excited at this flower that I actually took a photo and posted on Instagram, you can see it here.

So as the Chelsea Flower Show get’s under way, I find myself dreaming of more idea’s for my garden. When you think about it, the garden is really an extension of your home, another room. So when I came across this image, I just fell in love with it and instantly started to break it down. Here it is.


  1. The magnificent tree creates a shelter for the table and is the structure of this outdoor space.
  2. The chairs sit perfectly lined and tie with the lanterns and the black and white bowls on the table, all working together in harmony.
  3. The lanterns act as lighting to the space creating a sense of it being a room.
  4. The worn wooden table is similar in colour and texture to the tree trunk creating a sense of unity to the scheme.
  5. The exposed brick wall, floor and tree trunk all provide texture and creates a rustic vibe to the space.

So do you think you could while away many hours under that tree? I certainly could. Now I just need to work out how I can get a tree that size into my garden to create the shelter I need for the table before summer comes :). Have a lovely day. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Elle Decoration July 2010

Interior Styles: Tropical


Apologies for the missed post yesterday everyone. I had to forgo some blogging over the weekend for some gardening, fun and friends. Sometimes life and a bit of pleasure has to take priority. Now I’m back for another type of pleasure (well for me anyway) blogging about Interior Styles. This week we look at the Tropical Style.

When I think of this style, I always remember the first holiday that Big J and I went on together. It was early on in our relationship and Big J had a business trip which took him to Singapore. As we were both itching to see the world, I came along with him after he had finished with with work portion of the trip we then descended to the North Eastern Coast of Malaysia with our back packs and very little experience in travel. When we got there, we hadn’t booked ahead thinking that we would just wing it and get some accommodation but everything within our budget was fully booked and we did not have enough cash, so out came the credit card and onto the speed boat that took us to the Perhentian Islands.

When we arrived, we were taken to a paradise that had an exquisite teak built bungalow that was located directly on the beach with the whitest softest sand. Just outside the bungalow were 2 palm trees that held the hammock that allowed you to sleep your afternoons away or if you were in the mood, the rattan chairs situated on the patio allowed you to read your favourite book.

When I think of tropical, this is what I reminisce about. It’s a style that takes me  to a world of white sandy beaches, palm tree’s and warm weather.


  • The entire structure of the building is usually made out of wood – both inside and out.
  • A dark or warm coloured wood is used extensively throughout the whole interior.
  • The colour scheme is neutral with warm accents and can incorporate colours taken from the nature of the surrounding environment.
  • Windows are usually dressed with shutters or bamboo roll up blinds.
  • Furniture is wooden and simple in style, or made of woven grasses such as wicker or ratten.
  • Fabrics used are natural such as cotton or linen.
  • Due to the warmer weather conditions, it is typical for this style to not have a lot of windows or for the patio to be a prominent part of the house in most cases used as another room.







Although I love this style, I would suggest that it would work best in a tropical location.

So what do you think? Do you like this style? Does it remind you of any tropical holidays you have taken in the past? I’ve love to know. Have a lovely day and I hope that the images of this family weekend getaway located in Marahu Beach in Brazil has inspired you as much as it did me. You can see more images of the house here. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: CASA Vogue

5 things I’ve learnt from…


This week I have been catching up on reading all of my favourite blogs. I love reading the blogs of others especially if I learn something new and interesting. This week I thought I’d share some of those posts with you.

  1. Over on A CUP OF JO, I found out that Hygge & West have launched a new wallpaper that is removable. I love the blue hue with the birds and clouds.
  2. I learned who the “Top manufacturers of cashmere home goods” were on the blog L’ESSENZIALE  a fellow KLC student.
  3. A CUP OF JO also taught me “3 ways to arrange flowers”.
  4. James Davidson provided an insightful view of his “Creative Process” over on COLOUR LIVING.
  5. EMILY HENDERSON gave us 5 tips to designing a timeless kids bedroom.

Do take a look at these posts. I found each of them really interesting and as you know, I love it when I learn something new. I’d be keen to know if you learnt anything from them also.

I’ll be back on Monday for another Interior Style. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xD

A room with a view…


Like I said yesterday, the weather has not been behaving itself this week. And it’s usually in the middle of the week that I start needing some inspiration to get me through to the weekend.

So today I really want to escape to somewhere exotic and warm. This image was taken from a hotel room in India. I love the blue hue of the buildings taken at dusk. How wonderful it would be to bask in that light.  Can you smell the spices in the air? xD

Image Source:

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