My love affair with Mark Christophers House


Well, I’m finally back to blogging after my 6 week hiatus. How have you been? How was your Easter? I hope you had a lovely couple of months and managed to at least get some down time over the Easter period.

On coming back from Melbourne, Australia I must admit that it took a little while for me to get back into the swing of things and as a result came across a minor blockage in the writing department. You see my writing process is a little adhoc or chaotic to say the least. I usually come across a topic for a post while studying, talking to someone or even just washing the dishes. A thought pops into my head like a little seed and as the day or days proceed, it slowly grows and forms until it finds it’s way to the surface and by the time I sit down to write, it’s all in my head ready to go. So you can imagine my terror when after arriving back in London for a few days, nothing came to me. I mean NOTHING at all!

Then a friend of mine mentioned to me that she was toying with the idea of growing a living wall. Upon discussing the topic I then remembered the magnificent home that I visited while on the Living Etc House Tour back in March owned by Mark Christophers – who once owned the West Cornish Pasty Company.

This home was a 4 storey Victorian terraced house in West London that was designed by architect Gianni Botford.  I made a point to linger in the house for as long as I could, taking in every detail. I wanted to work out what it was that made this house so amazing. Here are some of the notes I took.






You can read and see more in the article featured in Living Etc June 2012. So what do you think? Do you like the house? Is there anything that you would change? I’d love you know. Enjoy your day and I’ll be back tomorrow. xD

Image Source – Alexander James Photography and Gianni Botsford Architects


10 responses to “My love affair with Mark Christophers House

  • Holly {Avenue}

    Welcome back, Doris! This is a gorgeous space. Love the kitchen and all the materials used. It is a home with heart, soul and texture! Wish I’d gone on the house tour too! Holly

  • secretgardenhome

    Welcome back Doris. I love the house. The ceiling lights are my favourite.



  • gudyh

    Welcome back, Doris! Hope you had a good rest and stay with the family! I guess I like pretty much everything about the house! Good start though:-)

  • Lena

    Well, THAT’s the kind of house I’m dreaming of…
    Welcome back, Doirs! Good to hear you’re not really organized with your blogging schedule, either – but I must say that it looks as if you’re planning everything ahead very thoroughly. I had to smile when I read your words – my blogging style is as “organic” as yours, and sometimes I think: “Oh no, I won’t have anything to blog about next week, in fact I’ll have to quit blogging, the post I just wrote was the very last idea that was left in my head” Yes, of course…

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lena, I’m glad I’m not the only one that is as hap-hazard with blogging! Although I have tried in the past to organise my posts by trying to do them a week in advance, I find that I can only manage 2 days at most. I tend to work better under pressure and tend to leave things to the last minute – most of my posts are done the night before in a mild panic and don’t get me started about ideas lol. I hope you don’t run out of idea’s as I’d be sad not being able to read your posts :). xD

  • tina @colourliving

    Hello you – about time you came back to blogging. I’m not quite sure how you guys manage to take such long breaks. Don’t you miss it? Especially since you blog daily?!

    Anyway nice to have you back. I always enjoy coming here because it’s honest, thought-provoking and I always learn something.

    So, I will say something controversial here, but as an australian I hope you can take it…. the way I see it, as bloggers we have a responsibility to our readers, so it’s no longer just about us. I have missed you and 2 months is far too long!!

    Ok, now that’s over…. glad you’re back and once again bringing depth to interior blogging!

    I also did the Living Etc Tour but in 2012 and in North London. I love your approach of staying and asking yourself what makes this space great.


    • interiornovice

      Awww Tina, I missed you too :). The thing I missed most was the interaction with you guys! I didn’t really have too much access to internet over there, but it was nice to not be so “hooked in” all the time. I spent almost every morning sitting out in the back patio enjoying the sun. My parents thought I was nuts – but I loved the simplicity of it all. I always appreciate your feedback and thanks again for your kind words. xD

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