Interior Styles: New York Loft


So the weekend whizzed by with a blur of picnics in the park, sunny day’s and general relaxing over here in the Novice neighbourhood. How was your weekend? Did you manage to get outside or do anything interesting?

Every Monday I usually post a weekly column called Interior Styles. As it was a bank holiday yesterday, I have posted it today instead.

I’ve always loved New York City for it’s urban gritty nature. Having had the chance to visit as a special treat on my 30th birthday, I fell in love with the city the instant I hit JFK airport. The streets are filled with a vibrant mix of skyscrapers, people and traffic. It surrounds you everywhere you go, and the colours of the city come alive at night with a large array of colour in the form of lights from cars, street lights and buildings dancing off each other. Ever since visiting the Meat Packing District, I’ve longed to live in a New York Loft. The industrial feel, the large cavernous space, not to mention those exposed brick walls, how wonderful it would be to live among that grit. Even for a short time.


  • This style is very similar to the Industrial Style due to the nature of the buildings both styles tend to reside in ie warehouses and old factories
  • NY Lofts are usually large cavernous spaces with no partitions
  • As a loft is usually on the top floor where the space is situated directly under the roof, the ceiling gables are usually exposed creating an angular space with extended height
  • Surfaces are usually textured and left unfinished such as worn concrete or exposed brick walls
  • The colour palette is usually a combination of neutral colours – black, white, grey
  • Urban or Modern art is a dominant feature in this style of interior
  • Furniture is usually vintage or contemporary in style and oversized







This style has been popular for a long time. More and more people are converting their suburban homes with elements of this style. If done well, it can look amazing. Similar to the industrial style, if you are going to go with this style, you need to go all the way or in my opinion it will look contrived.

Do you like this style? I’d love to know. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: HomeDsgn.Com



10 responses to “Interior Styles: New York Loft

  • shobha

    I love lofts too! The warehouse spaces have such high ceilings and large windows, it feels bigger than it actually is. Manhattan Lofts made a killing bringing the look to London back in the 90’s. I haven’t actually seen it done in a suburban house – just industrial, school, warehouse etc. in parts of Devon and Bristol.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Shobha, I’d be interested in seeing it done in a suburban house in the UK. Although doing my research I came across a few Europe, locations like Barcelona and Berlin. It’s always nice to hear from you Shobha. xD

  • secretgardenhome

    Glad you had a lovely weekend Doris. I managed to do lots of gardening (another excuse to stay outside instead of painting walls), and we had our first barbecue this year:))

    I love this style. I remember watching lots of American sitcoms and admiring the interiors. Exposed brickwork is the winner for me.



    • interiornovice

      Hi Mon, sounds like you had a great weekend! It was perfect bbq weather… let’s hope there’s some more. Exposed brickwork is my favourite texture. I’m trying to think of ways to get it into my house. Enjoy your week. xD

  • susan colebourne

    really good round up doris! these style sheets are going to prove invaluable & worth every minute you put into them! love it!

  • cyndi

    I’ve always wanted to live in a loft, but I’ve always lived in smaller towns where none are available. I’ve visited them in LA and San Francisco and maybe someday I’ll get to tour an authentic NY loft.

  • owls house london.

    oh, the space! living in London, the incredible height and volume just seem worlds away… love the raw materials, too 🙂

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