Moments, Motivation & Travel


Yesterday was a wonderfully sunny day. I was out and about doing my weekly grocery shop when I bumped into one of my neighbours. Let’s call her G. G is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. A lady who is 74 and has the most appealing zest for life. Whenever I see her, she is so wonderfully happy, optimistic and cheerful.

Last year she became terribly ill with cancer and had quite a rough time. Thankfully, she has recovered and is now in remission but what I was so amazed by was her ambition to continue on with life regardless. She’s since travelled the world and been to the most exotic places. She was so sick that she was hospitalised in Taiwan, she went to see Machu Piccu and is planning an extended trip to Australia via Kuala Lumpur later this year. Her philosophy is no matter what happens, you’ve got to keep living.

This has motivated me even more to keep going with my studies, to become the Interior Designer I want to be. I get many emails asking me how I do it? Have a family, study and blog. It’s a juggling act and there are many times when I want to give up and not continue, it’s taking so long and I feel like I’ll never get there, but then there are moments like yesterday that urge me to keep going and to push forward.

After my conversation with G, my mind started to wonder and I started to look into some inventive ways on how you could incorporate treasures from your travels into your home. I’ve found some idea’s below.




Do you have any travel treasures that you could or do display? If so, what? I’d love to know. xD

Image Source: Title – Joakim Blockstrom Photography,,, TheSocietyInc



10 responses to “Moments, Motivation & Travel

  • Lauren

    Thank you for this bit of inspiration. I have really been needing some latley. I am in a similar boat as you, working full time and trying to build the blog, along with interior design school. Feels a bit overwelming most of the time. 🙂 The past few weeks have been exceptionaly tough with the loss of my grandfather. But reading of the spirit of this fantastic lady you know has inspired me. I think knowing others are trying to accomplish simliar goals in their life helps keep you going as well. We all need to keep encouraging and inspiring each other and you have done this for me today. Thank you Doris. I always enjoy my visits here. 🙂

    • interiornovice

      Hi Lauren, I’m so sorry to hear you are having a tough time but glad that G’s experience was able to provide you with some inspiration also! We just have to keep at it. Thank you for your kind words. I love having you here. xD

  • shobha

    I pick up pins, vintage if I can find them, from wherever we travel. Not sure what I am going to do with them though. I saw a wonderful pin on Pinterest where a person put them all together into a heart-shaped pattern and framed it. Once I get some more, I might try that!

    • interiornovice

      Ooooh vintage pins would look fabulous. I bet you have some lovely ones you’ve picked up on your travels! Putting them in a frame is a great idea. I look forward to seeing a diy post on that ;). xD

  • tina

    May this world be filled with people like G.

    I have a friend, my old art teacher, who turns 80 next year. He survived cancer 3 times and I actually saw him when he nearly died!

    Recovered and dapper, he travels the world, goes trekking in Nepal and is always upbeat. It’s an atitude in life and I hope that I will follow in his footsteps. He is very precious to me and when we’re out I always forget his age as he has more energy than you and me put together!!

    Great images. x

  • secretgardenhome

    What an inspiring post. Totally agree, we need more people like G. Real role models! Doris, you are definitely on a right track. We all love your blog! Talking travel and interiors, I think a good idea is to use your own pictures reminding you of all special moments, and spread them around the house; create collages, put them on canvas etc. I can’t wait to do something arty with my travel photos. Have a good weekend. Monx

  • un23ilaria

    That’s a nice post Doris! You are making a tremendous job with your blog … I see it growing every day (even if I am a bit lazy in leaving comments … but I promise I will from now on!) I know about the loss of energy myself. I have been going through a tough (hectic) period organizing the move, soon changing of city, quitting my job AND blogging at night. And of course blogging was the thing I had to leave behind for sometime. I truly hope to settle down soon to start blogging again as I did before (and even more 😉 What do I bring back from travels? Ceramics! I have a passion for vases and I love to bring back at least one of them every time I visit a new place or a new country (I would bring more if only Mr. would allow me to 😉 Have a lovely evening

    • interiornovice

      It’s so nice to hear from you Ilaria! You are going through a very big change at the moment, take it easy and it will settle down soon I hope. I’m glad that you will continue blogging as I love to read your posts. I would love to see what sort of ceramics you bring back from your travels – I have a love of ceramics also. xD

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