Breaking it Down…


Have you been to or are watching the Chelsea Flower Show? Ever since I acquired a home with a small garden I have been almost obsessively learning about how to create a great outdoor space and watching the show every year for idea’s.

Previous to this I had no prior experience of ever maintaining or wanting to maintain a garden. In fact, I was such a novice that when a gardener friend came over to help me out with idea’s to landscape the garden, I pointed at a funny looking plant that had spikes on it, telling him that it just had to go as it was dangerous for the toddler. And he agreed as it turns out, it was a weed (nettle).

So ever since, I’ve been religiously watching Gardner’s World and working out what plants I have in my garden so that I have an idea of what I need to do with them. And though it took me 3 attempts over 2 years, I finally managed to grow myself one lone Ranunculus flower from bulb which is quite an accomplishment in my book of gardening. I was so excited at this flower that I actually took a photo and posted on Instagram, you can see it here.

So as the Chelsea Flower Show get’s under way, I find myself dreaming of more idea’s for my garden. When you think about it, the garden is really an extension of your home, another room. So when I came across this image, I just fell in love with it and instantly started to break it down. Here it is.


  1. The magnificent tree creates a shelter for the table and is the structure of this outdoor space.
  2. The chairs sit perfectly lined and tie with the lanterns and the black and white bowls on the table, all working together in harmony.
  3. The lanterns act as lighting to the space creating a sense of it being a room.
  4. The worn wooden table is similar in colour and texture to the tree trunk creating a sense of unity to the scheme.
  5. The exposed brick wall, floor and tree trunk all provide texture and creates a rustic vibe to the space.

So do you think you could while away many hours under that tree? I certainly could. Now I just need to work out how I can get a tree that size into my garden to create the shelter I need for the table before summer comes :). Have a lovely day. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source: Elle Decoration July 2010


6 responses to “Breaking it Down…

  • essenziale-hd

    I certainly could! 🙂 I love the idea with lanterns – very cool )))Thank you for sharing

  • gudyh

    Magnificent space and styling! I have never been to the Chelsea Flower Show but would love to attend. There is a certain flower culture in the UK hard to beat, must be a whole experience going there. Will you take pictures? (please)

    • interiornovice

      Gudy, every year I intend to go to the Chelsea Flower Show but sadly it sells out very quickly. So this year I missed out but will be at home on the sofa watching all the great garden designs instead. I hope you are well Gudy. xD

  • tina

    Ha. I have the same problem. Well, I don’t have a garden but roof terrace instead. Unfortunately I still haven’t worked out a good shade for the table.. it’s so difficult.

    I saw your Ranunculus flower on IG. well done:-)

    I could spent HOURS under that tree but my preference would be if we could imagine this to be in Tuscany or the South of France:-)

    Oh, btw, Nettle is in season right now and I drink fresh nettle daily at the moment. One of my favourite drinks. Just pour some hot water over it and be you’ll feel refreshed instantly.

    Hope you had a good B/Holiday.. x

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