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Hello All, Thank you so very much for all of your lovely and kind wishes over the last couple of weeks. Your support was very much appreciated and I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful blogging community.

One thing that I managed to do while at home looking after a sick child, was some spring cleaning. I managed to get some lovely peonies to cheer the house up and do some console styling – what do you think?

I am a true believer that your home should be full of memories and I try to fill the house with things and trinkets that remind me of special times and special people. An example is my  hallway console. It’s not only a place for keys and wallets but is a small space that reminds me on a daily basis of happy memories.

The seascape picture which as created by an artist using bits of material was purchased when Big J & I were on a road trip around Scotland. I was heavily pregnant with Little J and the trip was our last one before we were about to embark on a new journey being parenthood. We came across a similar picture at a tourist office in the Isle of Skye and enquired about the artist. We then drove to the other side of the island to take a look at the artist studio and purchased this picture.

Small Plastic Bluebird: Is a Korean hand cream container. It was recently given to me by a very close friend who I managed to see for only a few hours during a stopover in Singapore. She came all the way to the airport and waited hours for us (due to a plane delay) so we could have dinner together and gave me this little bird which I treasure. It reminds me of my good friend who I miss dearly.

Seashells: Are from the local beach that Little J & I collected while in Melbourne, Australia earlier in the year – a special time we had in the sun.

Do you have a special space in your home that is dedicated to happy memories?

As we are now all on the mend and Little J at nursery, I am now re-planning the work that I need to get done over the next couple of months.

We have a lot of exciting things happening over here, including changes to the garden, little J’s room & the guest bedroom. I am also working very hard to get my next projects submitted before summer holidays start – looks like I might have to pull in some babysitting favours.

As a result, I’ve decided to reduce my blogging schedule to create some consistency over the next couple of months. I will be posting 2  times a week, Tuesday & Thursdays and will occasionally add the odd day as and when I can. I’ll get back to normal after September.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday. xD

Image Source: Photography by Doris Lee – Interior Novice


Until further notice…

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet over here on the blog lately. We’ve been having a tough time over here in the novice household. Nothing major, thank goodness, just lots of little things, coughs, colds, fever and then a little one who hasn’t been sleeping due to the hot weather. To top it all off, he’s now come down with a fever and is likely to be home for the next few days. So, I’m afraid that blogging will have to wait another few more days until things settle down. Oh well such is life and “this too shall pass” as they say.

Have a wonderful week. xD

A room with a view…


Every week I need some inspiration to get me through to the weekend. Today, I’m going to stick with the coastal theme and post this lovely veranda corner by the beach. I can so imagine having my breakfast there while watching the sun come up. Can you?

No post tomorrow, bit behind my tight study schedule and have to crack on. Enjoy your weekend and let’s all hope for those in London the rain stops. xD

Image Source: Coastal Living

Breaking it down…


I recently came across this bathroom on and couldn’t stop staring at it. I soon realised that the reason for this was because the design of it was very clever. So today I’m going to break it down…


1. The striped pattern creates the optical illusion that the wall is wider than it actually is.

2. The round mirror softens the harsh directional lines in the room.

3. The wall scones create balance and symmetry

4. The utilities are simply designed and are there to provide a functional purpose only. They are not the focal point of the room.

5. The mirrored cabinet creates the optical illusion of space by reflecting both light and the striped floor.

For me, at first I really didn’t like this bathroom, but the more I look at it, the more it’s growing on me. I’d love to know what you’re opinions are. Do you love it or not?. xD

Image Source: AD Russia

Ways with Concrete


Just a short post today. I thought I’d show some inspiration for concrete. Concrete is the most widely used material in the world and often considered to be cold and lifeless. However it is such a versatile material and is used in a large variety of ways and can look sensational in the right setting. Here are some ways with concrete…






Do you like concrete? Which way is your favourite? Have a lovely day. xD

Image Source:  Fireplace & Floor via Skandivis, 1, 2 a, b, c, 3, 4 Unknown

Interior Styles: Coastal


With summer just around the corner, I find myself thinking about activities and things to do in the sun. Living in a busy and often chaotic city like London, I sometimes feel like I need to get out of the chaos and out into nature.

Big J and I often dream of living by the beach. We would wake up first thing in the morning, sit on the porch of our californian style bungalow with a hot cup of coffee wrapped up in warm blankets. While looking out into the sea and watching the sun rise, Little J would be collecting shells before we got ready to start the day.

When I started to research images for the coastal style, I found that a lot of the homes were classic in style with blue and white. I had to decide whether I wanted to showcase a traditional coastal style or go for something that was a little more interesting. When I found this Long Island Beach cottage, I was instantly drawn to it. The owner has cleverly taken the standard elements of a coastal style property and incorporated original idea’s. I was blown away and had to use it as a showcase for the post.


  • The look for a coastal style home is usually fresh, airy and relaxed in nature, the scheme takes inspiration from the sea and it’s surrounding areas.
  • Colours used are usually whites and creams- to create a light and reflective atmosphere and blue – reflection of the sea.
  • Tongue and groove panelling is a common element in coastal style interiors
  • Fabrics are natural and light, cotton and linen, stripe patterns are commonly used in upholstery
  • Furniture is wooden and simple in style, can be distressed or made of woven grasses such as wicker or ratten.CoastalSchemecolours






I still dream of living by the beach. The beautiful airy style and relaxed elements is something that can be taken and put into any home. Do you like coastal style interiors?

Have a lovely Monday, the sky is grey outside so I have some indoor activities planned for Little J. Till tomorrow. xD

Image Source:

5 things I’ve learnt from…


A couple of weekends ago I headed off to The Conran Apartments in Marylebone to attend an inspiring workshop run by Gabby Deeming who is the Decoration Editor at House & Garden Magazine. The informative workshop covered the topic “Spring Styling” which covered all aspects of styling your home. Gabby was a lovely and enthusiastic speaker and took us through many inspiring idea’s of how to style one’s home. Here are some of the things I learned at the workshop.






So did you learn anything new? Have you been inspired to go away and make changes to your home? Maybe this weekend?

Whatever you are doing, have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back on Monday. Till then, xD

Image Source: Title:, 1, via Bodieandfou 2, Linda Bergroth 3, Tina Hellberg 4, Decor8 5, Davidgarciaphotography

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