The Debate: Light or Dark Bedroom? Part 1

I’m currently in the middle of a dilemma. I am in the process of redesigning my guest bedroom as firstly, it’s in dire need of a change and secondly, I have some visitors coming in August.

My problem is that I can’t make up my mind as to whether I should go for a light or a dark interior. On the one hand I love the light minimal aesthetic of having a light bright room, but on the other hand I love the moody warm feeling that can be envoked (especially at night) with lighting in a dark scheme. So I thought I’d do a contrast of the 2 styles over 2 days and provide some tips on how to achieve each look.

Today we look at light and white bedrooms. If you decide to go for a white scheme, the key is to use as much texture as possible. Keep the palette muted and restricted if you want a calm space and natural materials such as wood, linen and wool not only help to create texture but also help warm the room up.

An all white scheme can sometimes feel cold, so be sure to pick a colour that has a warmer hue (usually a yellow undertone) for the bedroom when choosing paint. I would highly recommend a patch test in the room, as white will look different under different types of lighting and there are many different forms of white paint available.

Monochrome WhiteTextureandLayers WhiteLoft

Is your bedroom all white? If so, why did you go for an all white scheme? I’d love to know. See you tomorrow for part 2 of this debate where we will review dark bedrooms. Enjoy your day. xD

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10 responses to “The Debate: Light or Dark Bedroom? Part 1

  • owls house london.

    ah, a great debate and not an easy one. however, a guest bedroom could be a good room to experiment with, as its not inhabited all the time. so for me, I love a white, light room (my bedroom is white) which feels calm and serene, yet I love a dramatic, dark interior too, I just couldn’t live in one as I crave the light too much. But a guest bedroom is mostly used at night, so it could be a fun way to do something you wouldn’t necessarily do in another part of the house, and for me that would be (something like) a dark grey blue or matt black. I look forward to part 2! J x

    • interiornovice

      Thanks Jane, I agree with you that as it’s a guest bedroom, it does not get used a lot – except I forgot to mention it’s also a laundry room. But it is a space that does not get used too much – so I could go bolder and darker without it having too big an impact. Will have to wait till tomorrow to compare against a dark scheme. xD

  • tina

    Interesting debate. Well, my flat is bathed in colour so I decided to go all white in thebedroom for serenity. Lately I’ve been finding it too white but am not sure a dark bedroom wouldn’t slowly drive me to dispair:-)

    I have started to layer it a little and have black bedlinen as well as a black night table. I still feel it needs more!

    A guest bedroom is a good wau to experiment. Excited to know what you will decide:-) x

    • interiornovice

      Thanks Tina, I sometimes get a bit bored with all white also, but it’s just such a soothing colour. Decorating is something that never ever ends. I’ll have to make a decision soon but will definitely write a post when it’s finished. xD

  • Lauren

    My bedroom is predominantly white, with touches of yellowish gold, brown’s and natural wood. I agree with Jane, I feel a sense of serenity in a lighter colored space. I can appreciate a darker hued room though… so I look forward to what you have in store for us tomorrow. Love to hear what YOU decide on for your guest room!

  • Lena

    White sounds like a perfect color for a bedroom, but I know myself – I have too many colorful things, It would be impossible for me to have an all white room. At least I tried to stick to one color scheme in the bedroom and not to mix everything, so mine is mostly blue and grey. Looking forward to the result, too!

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