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With summer just around the corner, I find myself thinking about activities and things to do in the sun. Living in a busy and often chaotic city like London, I sometimes feel like I need to get out of the chaos and out into nature.

Big J and I often dream of living by the beach. We would wake up first thing in the morning, sit on the porch of our californian style bungalow with a hot cup of coffee wrapped up in warm blankets. While looking out into the sea and watching the sun rise, Little J would be collecting shells before we got ready to start the day.

When I started to research images for the coastal style, I found that a lot of the homes were classic in style with blue and white. I had to decide whether I wanted to showcase a traditional coastal style or go for something that was a little more interesting. When I found this Long Island Beach cottage, I was instantly drawn to it. The owner has cleverly taken the standard elements of a coastal style property and incorporated original idea’s. I was blown away and had to use it as a showcase for the post.


  • The look for a coastal style home is usually fresh, airy and relaxed in nature, the scheme takes inspiration from the sea and it’s surrounding areas.
  • Colours used are usually whites and creams- to create a light and reflective atmosphere and blue – reflection of the sea.
  • Tongue and groove panelling is a common element in coastal style interiors
  • Fabrics are natural and light, cotton and linen, stripe patterns are commonly used in upholstery
  • Furniture is wooden and simple in style, can be distressed or made of woven grasses such as wicker or ratten.CoastalSchemecolours






I still dream of living by the beach. The beautiful airy style and relaxed elements is something that can be taken and put into any home. Do you like coastal style interiors?

Have a lovely Monday, the sky is grey outside so I have some indoor activities planned for Little J. Till tomorrow. xD

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12 responses to “Interior Styles: Coastal

  • Lena

    Oh I love the home you picked! I am not too crazy about the kind of “maritime” style I often see with boats and anchors printed on everything, but I love the fresh colors in this home. And who is not dreaming of living by the sea…? Even though I’d prefer a city home and a beach house for the weekends. It’s okay to dream, right?

  • 30smagazine

    May I recommend a book I have and also reviewed on my blog called Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. It’s a great book and shows that you don’t need shells and blue to create a coastal look.

  • shobha

    I love blue and white in a beach house. And that beautiful sea-green too. I’ve had someone paint a couple of bedrooms in our US near-the-beach house (picked from online colour choices and Pinterest) – I’ll see it in a few weeks. Fingers crossed, it works as well as this house does. otherwise I know what to change it to!

  • cyndi

    Here in Northern California, the coast is often foggy and cold in the AM, so it can be quite dreary. When I have been in Southern California it warms up nicely by mid morning so I can totally see myself having a cup of coffee on the porch down south. I love the cottage here, the bright colors and casual decor are exactly what I think about then I think of our beaches here.

    • interiornovice

      Hi Cyndi, I never imagined that coastal sunrises would be different – so thanks for that. Must be wonderful to live in California, the eternal sunshine. I’m very jealous :). xD

  • tina @ colourliving

    I’m such an urban chick. Combined with living by the sea would be fab!

    Love the first photo. I want those painted tree trunks NOW:-) any idea where from?

    Never give up the dream x

    • interiornovice

      I think it’s the escapism of being near the soothing sounds of the water that I want. The tree trunks were created by the owner …. “are tree stumps from a nearby field that she coated with a latex primer and five layers of fire-engine-red porch-enamel paint.” How original! The dream is still there though the reality is that Little J won’t be so little when it happens. xD

  • secretgardenhome

    I love the idea of living by the sea, but my preferred coastal style would be almost all white with pops of turquois and blue.



    p.s. I’ll get in touch soon, so we can organise a cocktail evening:))

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