Designer Profile: Hecker Guthrie


When I came across the work of Hecker Guthrie, it was in the 15th volume of Andrew Martin’s Interior Design Review. They are a  multi-discipline practice under the direction of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie based in Melbourne, Australia. They have worked both locally and internationally covering residential and commercial projects.

I strongly identify with their design aesthetic. Their work is driven by the principles of authenticity, consideration & enthusiasm. This combination clearly works as the multitude of awards won and the number of international publications that have featured their work is staggering. Find out more here.

Hamish Guthrie came from a creative upbringing and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design at RMIT University. He is highly regarded in the design industry and is regularly requested to participate in speaking and judgement engagements.

Paul Hecker has over 20 years experience in the industry. His design approach features both humour and curiosity. What I found of most interest when reading his bio was that when he sets out to design a space, he asks the client not what they want it to look like, but how they want it to make them feel.

What I love about their work is that they like to use a muted palette as the backdrop of an interior and then cleverly use colour (usually with accessories) to enhance. This sets a foundation that allows the interior to be adapted and changed over time without great expense and effort.

They have an amazing portfolio which I would highly recommend you to take a look at here. I have only provided 2 examples of their work, one is of a residential project in a Victorian style house owned by a young Melbournian Family. The second is a commercial project of the Cottesloe Beach Hotel where the use of vibrant colours and 50s style furnishings creates the most amazing beach vibe.



I hope you are as impressed with their work as I am. I really love both projects. What do you think?

Have a lovely day. See you on Thursday. xD

Image Source: Hecker Guthrie


6 responses to “Designer Profile: Hecker Guthrie

  • tina @colourliving

    First off, delighted to have a regular visit, that is both sustainable to me (commenting) and you (posting). Wonderful! :-)) You get it, right?

    They do indeed seem very talented and extremely successful!
    It doesn’t personally bowl me over, but then I think that’s me having changed my views on Interior Design over the years.

    I like very much that they “ask the client not what they want it to look like, but how they want it to make them feel.” That speaks volumes for them!

    Great portfolio and press coverage.
    Thank you Doris x

  • Lena

    I love the hotel! The blue chairs! The yellow lamps! I want to be there right now.

  • Lauren

    I love your designer profile column, I always learn something new. I love the design approach they use, muted background and pops of color. It is similar to how I have designed my home. These guys are fantastic, Thank you for sharing there work with us. Hope your studies are going well!

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