Summer Resolutions


It’s been a blisteringly hot start to the summer holidays over here in London and we’ve been riding the heatwave with lots of water activities by swimming and enjoying the sun. While we’ve been making the most of the lovely hot weather, I’ve been thinking about plans over the summer.

This is usually a time when we go on holidays and take things a little slower. Though, we plan to slow down over this period, we decided to stay in London instead of going away. After reading your comments from the previous post. I took them all on board and decided to write myself a list of some summer resolutions. Nothing too intense, it is holiday season after all, but just enough to feel a little productive over the next few weeks and come out the other end with a feeling of some accomplishment.

So here they are:

Home & Interior Resolutions

– Get Guest Bedroom updated and ready for my planned guests in August
– De-clutter and create a bedroom worthy of a growing toddler and a space he can call his own
– Finish landscaping the garden and get it ready for autumn planting
– De-clutter one room of the house each week

Personal Resolutions

– Start a routine of sketching for 10 minutes every day
– Bring that digital SLR out of hiding and just start using it on manual mode – that’s the only way I’ll learn how to use it properly!
– Plan and enjoy the time you have with Little J – this is his holiday too

Do you have any important plans over the summer? Any adventures planned? I’d love to know.



8 responses to “Summer Resolutions

  • cyndi

    I’ve been wanting to practice the manual mode on my camera as well – but I tend to get lazy and just go back to auto…someday!

    (Enjoy that little one – they grow up way to fast!)

    • interiornovice

      Hi Cyndi, I pulled the camera out on the weekend and it was difficult just shooting in manual mode I tell you! I ended up sitting down with the instruction manual and notes that I took from a bloggers meeting and ended up writing myself notes to remember how to change the settings on my camera! Will have to try again soon. xD

  • tina

    Oh, I like mid year resolutions…. I have on-going ones myself.

    So, what are mine? De-clutter (galore), get all projects I’m working on up to date, read outstanding books and magazines, continueous development of blog, relax, exercise, plan for autumn, enjoy lots of BBQ…. the list goes on!

    So, what have you decided about the guest bedroom? Can’t wait to see….x

  • tina

    The sketching a day has been on my list forever:-) will post some great books for inspiration on my monthly ‘my library’. x

  • Will Taylor

    I love the idea of the sketching because I’ve always wanted to be able to draw. Great idea for a post to focus your goals and aims for the summer months. Have a fab week! x

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