Guest bedroom decision time…


So the house is a mess, and I’m not talking about the standard mess like piles of things here and there. I am talking about, a dining table that is not being used for eating but rather holding my drawing board with piles of paper every where, a toddlers bedroom that is being used for storage rather than to sleep because Little J has abandoned it for a couple of reasons, a) it’s cooler to camp out on a mattress in the kitchen floor with mum and dad and b) he has no bed because mum thought that selling his old cot bed would take a couple of weeks but instead it went in 2 hours. That’s right 2 HOURS! What was I thinking? and we have a bathroom that’s being used as a playroom, because the only thing to do in this heat is to play with water. Yikes!

So in amongst all the chaos that will resolve itself by next weekend (that’s when the new bed that arrived on Monday in numerous boxes will be built) and a cool change is coming (I can feel it),  I am starting to think about my plans for the guest bedroom. I wrote about being undecided about whether to go for a dark or light interior here and here.

After careful consideration, I have opted to go for a light interior.  There were 2 factors that led to this decision. The first was the image above. It just spoke to me and evokes the feel that I wanted the room to have. And secondly, I have a very limited budget and will be re-using furniture within the house to accomodate the needs of the room.

So based on this I created a mood board to reflect the look and feel of the room I intend to create.


What do you think?

Have a lovely week. xD

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16 responses to “Guest bedroom decision time…

  • un23ilaria

    I like a shabby chic look you want to give it. You can really do it with things you find in flea markets or already have in your family without spending a fortune on new things. It is very hot in here as well. We’ve been waiting for the summer for so long, we appreciate every moment of it (with a very good fan though 😉 And about the mess … well you should come at my place: moving isn’t over and I am already sick of boxes all over the place! take care xx I.

  • Holly {Avenue}

    Oh, gosh! I had a similar thing happen with our dining room table. I put an add for it at 11pm one evening and by 9:00 the following morning it was sold and we had no table for weeks as I still had to decide what to go for! Still had dinner parties though, just on our laps! Anyway, not long to go and hopefully the craziness will dissipate a little and a pretty guest bedroom to decorate is always something fun to work on in the meantime! Love your ideas. Can’t wait to see the finished room. Holly x

    • interiornovice

      Hi Holly, gosh I’m glad that I’m not the only one who does it. I am imagining your dinner guests dining on their laps :). I can imagine it would have been a lot of fun. At least I know that the chaos is temporary and we’ll be back to normal soon. I can’t wait to decorate the room, but the most fun is in the sourcing for me. xD

  • Will Taylor

    I like the idea of juxtaposing the lace with the rustic touches to bring about a change in texture. Fab plans! x

  • nylonliving

    I like the whole “rough luxe” look — I think it will be very pretty and on-trend. the lace and flowers are pretty but get toughened up with the rustic wood. comfortable for both male and female guests!

  • essenziale-hd

    I love your moodboard! It is so interesting how it will be transformed into the actual interior. I like the feminine look of lace and neutral pastel colours. I think it will be beautiful!

  • tina @ colourliving

    And here we have it…. the decision.

    I think either decision would have been great. However, this being a guest room I would have opted for the light version:-) Very dreamy and romantic with a twist of rustic. Great choice x

  • geraldine@ littlebigbell

    Hi Doris, my kids would totally love that idea of sleeping on a mattress in the kitchen – it would be such an adventure. Only 2 days ago they wanted to set up a tent in the front room. I’m thinking of taking them camping to get it out of their system or rather glamping – I’m too old to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor 😉
    I would go for light too for the guest bedroom. Love the image you’ve picked as part of your moodboard. xx

  • Lena

    Haha, I loved the description of the situation at your house right now! I’m sorry, but it also sounds like lots of fun for little J!
    Your moodboard looks lovely, I’d be happy to stay in a rustic and romantic bedroom like that.

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