Interesting Gallery Walls


Peace has been restored in the novice household. Little J has taken to his bed like a duck to water, the drawing board has been relocated off the dining table and the cool change has come to London which all means I can finally get some blogging time.

Last week, I found out about a local framers that had relocated to a new store. As a result, they had a 20% off promotion on all custom framing. We have had a number of items hanging around the place (on various floors) so I took the opportunity to have them all framed at a discount. I spent 2 hours in the store, going through the selection of frames for each piece of art or print. It was a lot of fun but it got me thinking about how I was going to go about hanging these pictures up when I get them back. So I started to do a bit of research into the type of gallery I’d like to have.

I tend to like displays that are not very formal. Rather than displaying the same sized pictures, in the same types of frames all in a row, I prefer a more eclectic look. To pull this off, it’s better not to randomly place items as it can become chaotic. The key is balance & harmony. Choose one or more elements that will tie the gallery together such as colour, pattern or even subject matter. I find that a mixture of shapes adds interest and makes the look less formal. And finally a gallery wall does not have to just have pictures or art. Mixing it up with typography and other objects such as clocks, plates etc will add interest.

Here are some idea’s….



I can’t wait to get the pictures back so that I can put the gallery wall together. I’ll be sure to post the result on the blog when it happens. Do you have a gallery wall at home? if so, whats it like? I’d love to know. Have a lovely week. Till next time. xD

Image Source: Title – Ikea Family, 1 –, 2 –, 3 – Apartment Therapy


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